Damn! I’ve finally gone and done it – gone and got myself a blog. Now I’ll have to deal with even more shit than I already have to handle! Why did I do it??? To express myself through cyberspace to any anonymous entities out there with little to do but check out the meanderings of minds??? I couldn’t figure it out – that is, until Java reared his dreadlocked head through my fuzzy vision and a thick cloud of smoke. Bloodshot eyes, dilated pupils, fat doobie firmly in hand and with that spaced-out look that only Java can manage at 6am.
Maaan, what you sayin? You did it so you could be tellin it like it is. All dat shheet you keep on to me about streams of conshusness, what music will turn on da stream, what movies will inspire and what banal crap to avoid muddying dose waters.
Java Jones inhabits my psyche – has for the past so many years, but thankfully, doesn’t show up all that often. When he does, I somehow get the distinct feeling that trouble isn’t far behind. This cat (read ‘dude’ for those of you who are not into obsolete counter-cultural terms) is a die-hard Rasta with years of exposure to all the mind-altering substances that made his “stream” a veritable flood and this is what he does when he shows up – floods me with his ‘information’ that he forces me to vomit out and lay on unsuspecting innocents – like you perhaps???
Maan, you gettin too used to dis com-place-ent (that’s how he says it) existence – time to get out dere and boogie maan. And now with all dat cyberspace to cruise through, we got da universe to trip tru maan, just tink what fun we could be up to.
Okay Java, down boy (he hates “boy”!). Cool it, I have things to do and it isn’t to do with you right now.
I have to force him out – and it isn’t easy. He is a persistent brother (sometimes ‘mother’) and makes his presence felt. But this time he agrees. I guess he doesn’t want to overdo it – now that he has finally got himself a medium of expression to anyone with a dubious quantum of grey matter that will bother to check his blog out. Why, I can not imagine. Aaannnyway….I’m sure he will come up with something interesting next time around.
His parting threat was –

Maaan, we turn dem cats out dere onto some interestin shit!
Don’t hold your breath!!