Hey there, I’m back – already and again! At least Java is. He’s back and how! Firmly entrenched – for how long only time will tell, and you better hope it isn’t for toooo long.

Lissenup maan, know what? I bin checkin out some straaange shit. Know how we Rastas genuflect for Jha and den pro-ceed to communion tru all dat holy smoke? Know what dem Israelis bin doin? Ah mean odder dan bomb da shit outta anyone dat poses a threat? Dey bin studying and what have you – bout da holy weed maan! Check dis out…

Ramat-Gan, Israel: The administration of delta-9-THC protects heart muscle cells from injury during hypoxia (a deficiency in the levels of oxygen in the blood), according to preclinical trial data published in the February issue of the journal Molecular and Cellular Boichemistry.

Researchers at the Bar-Ilan University in Israel investigated the effect of THC on cultured heart cells during hypoxia. “The present study confirms[s] the ability of THC to confer cardioprotection on hypoxia-exposed cardiac cells in culture,” authors concluded. Investigators defined” cardioprotection” as “delaying the onset of irreversible cell injury.”

Authors also noted that THC appears to be non-toxic to heart cells.

“This research demonstrates that THC has beneficial effects on cardiac cells and supports the consideration of marijuana for specific medical uses,” investigators concluded.

Previous research indicates that cannabinoids may also protect brain cells against alcohol-induced brain damage, stroke, and acute head trauma.

How bout dat, maan!!! Now you know why we Rastas have such low incidence of heart-failure!

And with that little pearl of wisdom he was off – just like that! Couldn’t even exchange some ideas I had about making that Jazz festival in Bangkok in December – Yellow Jackets, Selena Jones, Tower of Power, Hiromi ( a Jap pianist produced by Ahamed Jamal), Dave Grusin, Lee Ritenour, and on Sunday the last concert is an all star jam-session.

Oh I nearly forgot – his parting words (threat) had something to do with entropy – go figure!