I’m not entirely sure that this blog was a good idea – but then again Java is hard to resist. And when he emerges he handles the controls. Thought I would do some expressing myself, now that this vehicle is on the cyber-highway, but will anyone get on board? It would not be inappropriate to begin at the point where….

Heeyyy maan!

Shit! He’s back…..

Maaan,you really tink we give a good god-damn shit if no one gets on dis magic bus maaan? Dis is for uuus!

Java’s looking a tad drawn. No manic leer. No contagious happy vibe. No spacey countenance. No ….

Lookey here bluuud (he’s into black-pimp street jargon) I ain’t xactly hummin, hear? Had dis waay out shit happenin to me – where dis sexy mamma came outta the Paradisio (a gay bar on Santa Monica) and did dis dance on da street. Took all her clothes off and did a pole dance right dere with da lamp post maan. No one else round. One pole-eece car screamin round da bend dint even look at us. I start to make ma move maan, but da legs dey don’t work – can’t move maaan. An dere she be grinding da post. Da hottest soul sounds em-en-a- tin from da bar.Loud. Funky. Baaad Mudderfuckin Beat. She keep goin, raunchier an raunchier. I’m dere – can’t shake a finger. Strainin at da invisible leash. And den… here come da MAN. Bigger dan shit. Uuugly mudder-fucker. Walks right up to ma lady – and now she be ready to do her climactic moves. Music is all over us. He gets his big hairy hand round her waist and tears her from da pole. She be whirlin like a dervish so she whirls right outta his grip, rips off da scarf from round her neck….Maaaaan, what a hot  lil ol booty! She keep whirlin and whirlin an den as she gets close to where I am she waves her hands in ma face and den she takes off – she flies away, maaan – up, up into da clouds. I see her fade away into da stratosphere, scarf trailin like a jet stream til she be gone. And dere I am. Still can’t move. Da uuugly mudder rips his clothes off and sheeet maaan, he got da biggest knee-caps I ever seen. Dey be like balloons. An as I look dey get bigger an bigger until dey burst. And bits n pieces fly all over da street. Shredded flesh an blood drippin off the Paradisio board – da coloured neon lights flashin through da mangled skin an flesh. I ain’t sure whaaat the fuck is goin on. I wipe some shit dat hit ma face – smelly-ass blood an mucus. Too strange for my likin maan. No one else round. I can move now. Motor motion back. I head back into da Paradisio. No one dere. Music’s playin. I fall asleep. I wake up an dere you are. Nottin like dat babe, maan, but you sure be lookin a whole lot better dan dat uuuugly mafa. So I sure am glad to see you bro. Waaas up maaan???

Java’s clearly shaken. I’m not sure if he thinks he’s been hallucinating after whatever psychedelic substance he ingested or if he dreamed up this scene or if it actually occurred. I figured the ‘silence is golden’ trip would be the way to handle it for now. I say nothing. He floats off into the living room and turns on ‘Piper at the Gates of Dawn’, he knows is one of my specials.

In memoriam, maaan. Dat Syd Barrett – cat after ma own heart. Soul mates maan. Gee-ni-uus wit a  penchant for da higher planes. Acid head waaay ahead of his time. Geetar man wit da rifs ta move ma soul. Make da madcap laugh out loud maaan. Tooo cool for his time and tooo spaced in his mind. Tooo far out for dis world. Tink I’ll take a break and float off on astromomy domine. Leave you wit da music maan. Entropy can wait.

And there I was – Floyd all over me and Java’s parting words merging with the music.