Java’s coming – I can feel the stirring in my head – the sense of floating eerily through space is usually the signal that precedes his presence. And sure enough…

Heeey there ma maaan, check dis out…..

He whips out a bud. Grey-green crystals sparkling. The sweet smell of mango-skunky-rudaralis-cannabinol permeates the room as he cuts the tip off and reaches for the Zig-Zags.

Holy Com-mu-ni-on maaan. Gotta get togedder wit Jah an be one wit da universe. Float off an check out da system to confirm da parallel universes theory. See if da world of propositions be contingent and true, or false, or even  possible. Weirrrd shit maaan but well worth da trip. Wanna get on board?

I’m not sure I have a choice here. Java (as I think I mentioned before) is as persistent as he is convincing and has this knack of enveloping me in his aura until I feel this warm, comfy, ‘don’t want to move’ sensation after which nothing is of consequence except a vague perception of what is really real and what is really not. Or, to put it another way, sensory perception is at its peak, but the sense of ‘maya’ permeates the consciousness. Know what I mean?

You okay bro? Still wit me and ready to trip? Haaanng oonnnn…

First he lights up. I can feel the sweetness of the bud and the clarity it brings. He’s doing his ‘communion ‘ number with Jah – getting ready for the ride I presume. He gets back to the sound-system and turns on Interstellar Overdrive (I guess Syd Barrett is still very much present from the night before) to assist the focus of his energy. He’s very much into the astral travelling trip – or so he says. But I often wonder if these trips aren’t more in his dreadlocked head,  a fantasy fuelled by all the substances he uses to “expand the universe” – his universe, I always say, rather than ‘the real thing’. And this invariably gets us embroiled in an exchange on views that border on the metaphysical. Example – If the universe was created by God (he says ‘Jah’), then who created God/Jah? Or – If a statement is true, then is it true that you can prove the statement? Java likes to postulate the existence of counterfactual worlds in which Jah doesn’t exist and I want him to examine the independence of the axiom by finding a model in which the axiom fails (proof theory?). Vast spaces in time have been traversed by us on these trips to no avail, as in the end, the alternate realities we experience are part of the whole – if you know what I mean.

Enough of dis shit maaan. Don’t go getting hungup on terminologies. Ex-peeer-i-ence is da name of da game an dats all it is. You be da center of da universe maaan. An me da center of mine. No consciousness – no universe!  You ready for da trip maaan? Den off we gooooo….

And that……………………………………… was that…………………………………….for now