It’s been a couple of days since Java manifested, so I’ve had the time to get into some long overdue catching up on pending matters of varying degrees of importance…………but I speak too soon….

Heeey maaan! Sorry to leave you like dat wit no word of farewell, but da call of de wild be stronger dan I taut, so I joined up wit Nahorp an Radn at Nahorp’s hideout in da jungle.

Who’s Radn? I ask

Where yo bin maan? Radn’s dis way out honky brodder – bin hangin out at yo fren’s café down Bareass Boulevard when he not be doin all dat social work in da east He be freaked out an frenzied but a reeel cool cat.

Oh, okay. I guess I know who you mean. So what’s up with Nahorp?

Dat cat maan – he be cruising. De-ca-dence per-son-i-fied. Got his trip sorted out dere. Coool scene – wit da boys waitin for da call – chilled beer, Radn’s wine, I take me some sacrament for communion wit Jah, out-a-sight munchies. An den we be surprised wit Bastin and dat gorgeous Wispy Windimere of his checkin in – hooo-wheee. Nahorp is aroused – gives up his bed even! Radn’s in dem clouds – can’t figure if he be dreamin again. Now all dats missin is da lovely Zaney an her ol man Cinimod – he be busy sussin out da scene at da Castle hotel – blissfully, he say. Reminds me, he say, of dat Hotel California – where you can  check out, but you can never leeeave. Know what? I tink he be on som kinda ves-ti-ga-shun ta find out what be behind da Green Door.

Java starts to sing…

Miiid-night, one mo night wit out sleepin
Waaait-in till da midnight come creee-pin
Greeen Door waas dat secret yo keep-in
Dere’s an ol piano an dey play it hot behind da Green Door
Wen I say Joe send me someone laugh out loud behind da Green Door
Don know waaat dere doin but dey laugh a lot behind dat Green Door –  know dat song maaan?

I remember this old hit. Can’t remember by whom, now, but I get the gist of where he’s at. Okay Java – get back to the jungle trip – what did you guys get up to?

Maaan we climb dis rock – we be scrambling like fuckin spiders most of de way – 800 feet maaan. Huffin an puffin all da way up, but den….what a scene – 360 degree view and wit da sunset comin up – look like fire in da sky. Heavvvy sheeeet! An den it be back down – scrambling like fuckin spiders again and back to bizness at da shack. More imbibing, feedin our faces an shootin da shit – all evening and for most of da night. Ol Radn – he do some power yoga and get dis message from out dere in space. He say dat Jesus an Mohammed an Buddah an Bob Marley and some udder like-minded cats be up dere in da starship, smokin and jokin and checkin out da scene on dis planet maaan. Dey say dey will not descend until all da shit down here be gone. Dey mean Bush an Blair an all dem udder mudders dat keep da guns firing and da war machine tickin. Time to lay down arms dey say. Have to change da universal consciousness reeel soon cos da vibes must change to ready for da descent of Big Mamma – Mudder of all. An when she appear maaan, ol Radn say, dose  left wit dem guns in dere hands, dey all be facin judgement day an da shit will hit da cosmic fan maan and dat will be dat for dem assholes, while a rest of us cool dudes will be on a perpetual groove, maaan – dat’s Radn’s vision. Faaaar out, huh?

Java’s tripping. I’ve been privy to his random streams before – makes no sense at all. But he’s hard to subdue – especially when excited about recent experiences. I turn on the sound. A bit of Mozart – to calm the savage beast?! It works. He lights up, lays back and listens.

I get back to work.