The Battery Dance Company performed to a full house at the Bishop’s College auditorium and, judging from the response of the audience, was very much appreciated. My favourite piece was ‘Shell Games’, and after the performance Jonathan Hollander, Artistic Director of the Company mentioned that this particular performance, was, in his view, the one where it all came together better than they had ever danced it before. The pieces by Rangika and Thaji also went off well – an effort by Jonathan to showcase young Sri Lankan dancers. I was rather disappointed with Rangika’s costume and also with his lack of projection and rapport with the audience, but he does have potential. Thaji danced like a dream, although I wasn’t crazy about the dialogue bit in the piece. But, to be fair by both young artistes, they were given very little notice, so preparation was constrained and composing, choreographing and setting a new piece in the time allowed was an achievement in itself. 

Know what maaan? 

Java’s sneaked in and has settled himself on the couch. 

Da music dat Jonathan commission for his pieces, maan, dey blew ol Java away. Ah was transported maan. It be a spiritual experience for me – almos like communin wit Jah. 

I don’t respond. I have to put together my travel gear to get ready for an early start so I can head for the hills at 5 am. Java turns on the sound – Cello Suites by Johaan Sebastian. The warm tones of the cello wrap around me as I finish packing. Java’s settled back with his omnipresent joint and I settle back as well.