Its just so great to be back in the tranquillity of ‘the flower book’ (direct translation) where communing with nature is a matter of course and not something that has to be planned and scheduled and structured – like meditation or yoga classes. The effortless ebb and flow of energy, so natural, so perfect, is all-pervading as long as the psyche is open and aware. Sights, sounds, smells, taste, textures, feelings – all sensory perceptions at heightened receptivity stops the voice in the head and time ceases to exist in that space. That is, until the voice starts up again. And speaking of voices………

Hey maaann! Good to be back huh? Dat city life, maan, good while we be partying, but nottin much else to write home about, yeah?

The spell is broken with Java’s entrance. The dogs never seem to be affected by him – he says it’s the ‘vibes’. I think it’s all that smoke he puts out that keeps them calm and unaffected around him. He makes himself comfortable on the easy chair and starts with the bud and the rest of his ritual. I get to the computer and check out Kottu, skimming across the variety in there when I feel Java looking over my shoulder.

Check dat shit out maan, where dis politico say dat bein a prostitute be better dan bein a rogue politician. Shhheeet, he should know. He say his sister run a brottel and he be leader of dis flaky-ass party, so who would know better dan him? How you see dis maan? You tink bein a prostitute be better dan bein on of dose bozos?

I’m not sure whether to get into this discussion which, in the end, will be an exchange of views with nothing to be gained from the time spent on it. So I pretend to be engrossed in Dominic’s site – not that I wasn’t before Java started this conversation. But Java’s like the dog with its bone – won’t let go!

Hey maaan, yo know wit all dis hemmin an hawin about ‘human rights’ and freedom of expresshun and all dat good shit, how com dat a man or woman ain’t free to do what he or she want with dere bodies? As long as dey not be hurtin odders, what’s da harm? Better dan dose cats who be sellin dere souls an dere integrity for a portfolio and den spending dere time rippin of yo tax-payers and da whole country, right? So dis flaky pseudo-revolutionary con-man be right on da money wit his observation – an like I say, he should know! I tink all dis hypocritical bull-sheet come from da religious fundamentalists maan – dey all be in da same boat. All dem priests of all dose religions dat preach dis fundamental crap, dey be wantin da power an dis way dey be scarin da ‘believers’ into toein dere line. Den da politicos, dey take it from dere. Separation of da religious belief and da state mus be done fo any enlightened system, don yo tink maan? An if dey make prostitution legal, maaan, jus tink o da advantages. We don spend money on da legal aspects, taxes will add to da revenue, dose pimps will be out of bizzness and da streets will be clean of dem walkers. Den hygenic standards could be imposed and all dose STDs will be reduced a whole lot. So whats da big deal here maan? Who be standin to gain, sept for dose on da take? Dis sheet be goin on anyway! Same sheet wit da weed maaan. 

I’m not able to counter Java’s logic, so I nod in acquiescence. 

We gotta live an let live maaan. We gotta give our neighbours da space to do dere ting an not force dem to conform to what we tink is da way to go. But we mus all respect each udder an not infringe on da individual freedoms, right? When one do dat, dats da time for da hand of Jah to come down hot an heavy on da infringer – what say?

What can I say except – sure Java, makes sense man. That seems to please him and he moves off  to change the Worldspace classical ‘Maestro’ station to the jazz station ‘Riff’ and we get to hear Manhattan Transfer doing a great version of ‘A nightingale sings on Berkeley square’. Java passes me his special – tastes sooo good! 

Hey, an by da way, I got somtin here fo all dem folk dat check out yo blog an dat can dig a ‘black-folk-specific’ commercial, da McDonald’s honkies have com up wit somtin special an right up Java’s street. Check it out on dis site an if yo like what yo see, let Java know for more – .  Da cats on dis soun jus like ol Java, so if dat raunchy language aint yo ting, don’t check it out, yo hear me?

I close up the laptop and call the dogs outside. It’s a perfect morning – crystal clear, sun streaming down, leaves glinting in the gentle breeze, bird-song all around, Diana Krall has replaced Manhattan Transfer on ‘Riff’ and strains of ‘My funny Valentine’ merges with the zing of the energy all around me. The dogs chase a skink (Mabuya carinata) that was sunning itself on a stone outside. I’m back in the zone.