It’s been pissing with rain. Started last evening with a short and heavy burst – thunder, lightening – the works. The dogs don’t care for the light and sound effects and are content to curl up and try to ignore what’s going on. I hear it go on sporadically through the night and find the early morning light to be subdued – conditions overcast and wet. Great morning to curl up under the covers and get cosy. ‘Maestro’ on Worldspace manages to fit the music to the mood – a dirgey orchestral piece adds to the melancholy vibe. The steaming cup of coffee helps to stir the awareness and here I am – back at the ubiquitous keyboard. Check out Kottu. Skim through some of the more recent entries – always something interesting to check out here. The music on Worldspace stops abruptly and is replaced by something I haven’t heard in years – ‘Baby Lemonade’! I turn around to check…. 

Heey maaan, can’t handle dat dismal soundin fugue-ish sheet on a gloomy-ass morning like dis, so here be one of yo old favourite cats doin his thaang. Fit da mood yeah? Dis be one of  his solo albums after he left da group, but he got his mates David and Richard backin him up and also pro-du-cin dis one. Whimsical sheet maan, make da madcap laff out loud. Lived wit his sister he did, and liked his gardenin all da way until he made his exit. No, we don make fun or laff at him maan – we be faar too respecful for dat sheet.

I can get behind Java’s selection – and he’s right about the artiste. I get back to Kottu. Photographs always trip me out and I do have my favourite ‘illusion capturers’. Castle Hotel invokes a nostalgic vibe and I make it a point to check it out once I get back to the city. The interior shots capture a special expressive feel that transcend verbal description. I’m absorbed by the ‘feel’ of it.

Love Song’ replaces ‘Baby Lemonade’ and I’m transported back in time. Java’s got his coffee and also his doob and is checking out the album cover that’s got all these wasps, bees and other similar insectivores on it.

You know maaann, dis cat be so spaced he zoom out at warp speed an no one could relate to his concepts. Check out da udder numbers on dis album  – ‘Dominoes’, ‘It Is Obvious’, ‘Rats’, ‘Maisie’, ‘Gigolo Aunt’, ‘Waving My Arms In The Air / I Never Lied To You’, ‘Wined and Dined’, ‘Wolfpack’ and ‘Effervescing Elephant’ – and den da words, maaan – sheeet!! No wonder we love dis maan. Cat after our own hearts and jus about as crazy, yeah? He be shinin on, dat demented diamond!  

I walk outside to check the rain-gauge – 81 mm (with 53mm of that overnight), and a low night temperature of just 19 C. Funny how the temperature doesn’t dip to the usual 14 C or 15 C when it rains. The sun is forcing its way out from behind the thickish cloud-cover and it just may turn out to be another stunning morning. Java has followed me outside. We can still hear bits of “Waving My Arms In The Air…” from inside the house. Java takes a deep drag and passes the joint.  

I bin tinking maaan, yo know how folk react to Java’s stream of consciousness? Som can relate an some jus shine it on like it be so much bullsheeet (which is kool, maan), an den dere are dose dat see where Java be comin from and dose dat tink dey do but dey be missin da forest for all dem trees out dere. Dis cosmic dance dat Java be into man, dis ain’t be done for no private au-di-ance even if it be by invitashun. But dig dis – Java be dancing wit anyone dats got da rythmn and da vibes dat jive. And dat dance – it no be no fake maan, an if it be mistaken fo such, den dat be a myopic view wit no sensibility to tell what be real from what be fake. Too much o dat baked beans an biscuit-sheet maaan, all dat result in be flat-u-lance. Remember dat scene round a camp-fire from dat Mel Brooks’ cowboy movie – ‘Blazin Saddles’? Kno what ah mean, maaan?

I have no idea what Java is on about, but experience tells me not to pursue this train of thought. So I empty the rain-gauge, put it back in its container and screw on the top. I put it back in place. Buzzy is snuffling around a pile of wood while Rock and Bruiser are giving him their support by trying to spook whatever it is that’s under there. It’s time to check out the breakfast scene, so I leave Java with the dogs and head inside.