Have to make a short overnight trip to the east coast in the morning – all work related, although one does try to make the best of being in that part of the island. It’s pretty tense out there of late, especially since the massacre of those eleven Muslims close to Panama. My contacts out there keep me informed of the prevailing conditions and although there has been no personal encounter with flying bullets and shrapnel so far, close associates at site have been personally affected and the bullet holes in the walls bear witness to their experience. However, commitments have to be honoured so there’s no way out. And anyway, I do manage to have a pretty decent time of it while I’m out there. I get the overnight bag and start to put away a few basic requirements – it’s just for the night and I should be back in time for a late lunch on Tuesday. The dogs, however, only associate the bag with departure and have no way of knowing for how long, so they get all droopy and sad.

Saaay maan! Yo see dat match las night? Our boys whupped da butts o dat West Indian lot huh? Make Java shame-faced to see dem brodders get creamed like dey did. Tink it be jus bad luuuck or good bowlin or a rinky-dink pitch? 

Java’s a cricket freak and tries to get me to watch as well – not that I’m totally indifferent to the sport, but it takes so long! I put the bag away and try to cheer the dogs up by calling them out for a walk. No trace of rain after the overcast morning and now the sun is on its downward arc and the temperature is around 28 C in the shade. Java’s fooling around with the remote-control, trying to find out if another one of the ICC Champions Trophy matches are being played today as well. I walk outside, followed by the dogs. We do the usual circuit of the land, ending at the far side of the eastern end of the garden, just as it dips into the fields. The dogs spook a Rat Snake (Ptyas mucosa) and it is very lucky to get back into the termite mound it came out of – just in time too, as Buster, Rocky and Bruiser are a deadly bunch when they happen upon a snake. I have many experiences of trying unsuccessfully to save some of them. The dogs’ technique is perfect – grab the middle portion and whip the hapless snake so hard it usually snaps the spine, after which it ends up in a tug-of-war that results in the poor reptile being torn into two or three pieces. I am terrified that they will get bitten by a cobra (Naja naja) or even a Krait (Bungurus caeruleus) or Russell’s viper (Vipera russelii), although I have yet to see the latter here – could be too cold for the species up at this elevation. I get them away from the mound and we get back in the house. Java’s watching England play India. And not too long after the match has begun England is in dire straits – 33 for 4! 

Playin like a bunch of wimps maan, dis England side. Don’t look much better dan when we beat dem five nottin out dere on dere home turf. 

It’s much later in the evening now. The English are all out and India is ninety-eight for four and need twenty eight to win. Looks like a lost cause for them. Java’s at the laptop. 

Look what ah found maaan. Check out ma maan Jeeves – he answer any queshun yo have fo him an he do it in Java style talk. Dis nigga’s smooth and koool. Check him out.

Later, Java. I have some work to catch up on before I leave tomorrow.

Sheeet maan. Dis be some good-ass sheet you can dig. Okay den, I leave you wit da site an you check him out later, cool? http://www.ebonicpersuit.com/aks-jeeves.htm  Now you be sure to do dis, hear?   

India now has eighteen to win. I move Java over from the laptop and get to work. I hear the rain on the roof.