The ‘attack’ on Galle dominates yesterday’s collective consciousness as all manner of apprehensions and views fly through cyberspace and leave residual bits lodged in the recesses of your mind. Yes, yours too – like it or not! And how do you see it? Have an opinion? And if so, does it have to do with strategy (Tiger), one-upmanship (Tiger), bombast (Tiger), complacency (GOSL), bad intel (GOSL), mismanagement (GOSL), clueless-ness (GOSL), any other? And what of the anal-apertures that get into the looting, vandalising and mayhem? Are they part of the chauvinist extreme that are primed to cause instability at the first hint of confusion or are they acting with the atavistic instincts of the racial type? All sorts of possibilities and probabilities exist, which in turn cause all sorts of divergent views and pronouncements that lead to all sorts of intellectual discourses, vehement and sometimes violent confrontations and of course, the resulting effects of this miasmic microcosm. And what then of this elusive peace?

Sheet maaan! What tchu be talking bout? Dis peace sheet ain’t gonna happen maaan – too many mahfuhs dat count stand to lose. Jus you tink bout som of dem obstacles to dat peace. See, as long as dat Tiger chief be round, how could dere be peace? Where he go to? India want his big ass. He be responsible for sooo many lives – som dat he blow away hisself and odders dat he had don in, dat som one be sure to get his nasty ass. Den he also lose his power an dat ‘sun-god’ bullsheet he pull on dose poor folk dat be sufferin for da past generation wit his bull an wit da government poundin. So he lose his status an his power – an his paranoia be on high alert all o da time, so why would he want peace? Crazy he may be, but he sure aint moronic, yo hear me maan? An den, what about dose assholes on dis side? Dose extreme mahfuhs, dose arms-dealer parasites, dem dat play da political musical-chair games and so many udders dat stand to gain from dis war. Da supremo – he be doin one helluva job to get dis shit to where it be now, to internationalize da plight of da Tamil folk an to get da government to concede dat dere is a looong way to go for dem folk to get da equality dat dey be denied for so many years an in so many areas. But now, maan, dis cat’s time be past. It be time for dose brilliant Tamil minds to get dere shit togedder and work out da solushun dig? It be time for statesmanship now bro, not no more of dis military mind-fuck.

Java’s logic is hard to counter. Although there are many that will not agree with his sentiments – on both sides of the divide. I know of brilliant minds that take Prabhakaran to be a hero and no amount of discussion can shift the mindset that sees a separate state as the only viable alternative to continual conflict. And then there are those I know that will argue convincingly that ‘discrimination’ of Tamils does not exist in the south. Or why, they ask, are so many affluent Tamils making the south their home and how, they ask, are they able to mingle freely with anyone of their choice and live affluent and productive lives with the families and friends of all races. Why is it, they ask, that the hero-worshippers don’t go and hero-worship the sun-god in the north and live in the conditions that he is responsible for rather than live in the south and enjoy the conditions here. No easy answers to any of these questions, as the myriad intricacies that exist can not be assimilated by one mind or by a million or more divergent views. Java continues.

An look at da bonuses if dis peace be brought upon dis place maaan. Fust – no mo killin each odder. Den wit all dem diaspora out dere wit all dat wealth dey be accumulatin – dey com back an develop da shit out of da north maan, an who stand to gain? Not only dem folk up dere – dey be needin expertise for dere tourist complexes and dere construcshun and in sooo many odder areas, dat many folk from da south be goin up dere fo work an sheet like dat. Den da economy can also zoom up as defence spending plunge and business an tourism an all dat odder good sheet get back goin da way it should. So who be it dat opposes dis? I bin sick of repeatin myself, maan, so go figure. 

More words of wisdom from Java! Sure makes sense to me, but I am aware that there are many who would disagree – and who’s to judge? Looks like Java has had enough of laying out his thoughts on this, as he wanders over to the sound. I hear the familiar opening chords of Buffalo Springfield’s ‘For what its worth’ start up and then – sounds like Steven Stills’ smooth tones .. 

Somethin’s happenin here

What it is ain’t exactly clear

There’s a man with a gun over there Tellin me I gotta beware

Stop! Hey what’s that sound

Everybody look what’s goin down…..

Java lights up and lays back. My mind wanders back to those heady days in LA when the song came out.