‘War’ or ‘Sex’?

Looks like I was wrong about the attempted assault on the Galle naval base dominating the collective consciousness – at least as far as those that traverse cyberspace via Kottu are concerned. Sex, it seems, was far more dominating – judging from the reactions to Ravana’s post on the subject. So does this tell us something? Is this an indicator of where we’re at? I guess in order to analyse this properly, one would need to get more data on the ‘types’ that reacted – age, sex, social status, background information and other facets of personality that would be relevant to this type of investigation. And then what? Would the resulting information tell us anything about the collective Sri Lankan psyche? War or sex? Is that the question that will determine the future of ………….?

Sheeet maaan! – dat be an easy one to answer. Ah be goin for sex evry time – an you too, right? We be told dat da supremo don’t let his boys an girls get it on, so dey don have a choice. For dem it be all war – no sex. Sheeet maaan, dose poor folk be heavily frustrated, huh? You tink dis be part of da leader’s brain-washin tekneek? Da boys in da forces, dey be getting dere rocks off at all dem brottels dat be dottin da side roads of Anuradapura an dose parts, so dey be getting dere fair share of nookie. Tink a comparison be in order to find out what be da best way to get fighters into da most effective mindset for war? Starve dem of sex or let dem get it on evry which way when dey can?

Maybe Java’s onto something here? Should the GOSL get together a plan of action based on a study of sexually deprived fighting units against sexually over-satiated ones? Or maybe the Tigers should?  

There are other implications to the “No sex please – we’re Tigers”, as well. As it is, the Tamil population in the north and east must have dropped drastically with most of the males being inducted, abducted or raised by the Tigers. Single mothers are more the norm than the exception. The ‘Tigresses’ are also ‘fighters’ – so no sex for them either! All this abstinence/celibacy must surely have some psychological, socio-cultural and also demographic implications and most likely this will be a huge negative for the race.

Sheeet maaan, we don know what happen in da rank an file. Maybe dere be a whole lot of gay trips happenin in dere. Odderwise dey be singin and playin “Willie and da hand jive”, right? Dis sex drive man, it be hard to put down – lead to all kinda heavy-ass head-shit. Jus you check wit Masters an Johnson, Kynsey or even Freud an Jung. An you know how it be in prison, or boardin school or folk livin in isolation witout da opposite sex – remember ‘Brokeback”?

Right, Java. But we’re straying again. The point I was trying to make is that sex (and I don’t mean ‘gender’) dominates, grabs attention – over just about everything else.

Java’s busy rolling – he’s turned the sound on. I have to get packed. It’s back to the city in a bit and the dogs have got the vibe. The music starts up. I get the bags out as Dylan’s sand-paperish voice picks up…..

There must be some way outta here
Said the junkie to the thief
There’s too much confusion
I can’t get no relief….

I start packing.