I’m wondering if this is just a waste of time and energy – I mean putting down my thoughts (and Java’s, of course) for sundry souls and saps to peruse and ponder on, or just plain diss as so much bilge. This was my quandary at the very start, when I wandered why I was getting into this exposing of my schizophrenic disposition, but in that instance Java prevailed, so there I was, baring our souls as it were, to anyone who happened to click on the Ephemeral Ruminations of an aging hippy. Now I have some feedback from indi.ca – pro and con all rolled into one – “…literary talent”, “…irritating, cliched and cringe-worthy”, “..new form…..undoubtedly intelligent”, and “..’the’ spelled ‘da’” making him/her “twitchy”. So where do we go from here? Judging from the blog stats, we’re nothing to write home about – 489 total views and the best day got 52 views and the comments have been few and far between with no major negatives coming through in the month since we got going on this. And I’m not sure how this stands in comparison to the others on Kottu. So what now? 

Lissenup maan. Who gives a goddamn fuck what anyone say? Ah speak ma mind an yo tell it like it is to you. An if ah be irritatin, clichéd an cringe-wothy, dats cos (sure, I can say “THE”, but dis be da way ah speak, maaan, an if dat makes anyone twitchy, dats dere hangup. Know where I’m comin from?) different strokes be for different folks. Don like what you be gettin from Java, den yo can jus piss off an go do yo thang – whatever it is dat turns yo on.

Looks like Java’s affected by the feedback. The joint appears as if by magic and he’s got Mick coming through strong and loud..

You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometime, you’ll find
You get what you need…

Let me think about this a bit more to see if this is worth the effort or some kind of extended ego-trip that may in the end be counter-productive. In the end, banality and the mundane are best avoided. I join Java with his doob and get into the music.