It was a good Friday (no, not the one before Easter) night at the Deeb. Jeronimo was back, so the old die-hard fans were out in force to get back into his special sound, move and groove and generally have a high old time of it. And as a special treat, Vida San Sone made a cameo appearance, so cousins held sway and jammed the joint. This talent from the alma mater is special and it was no coincidence that the place was well represented with a sterling collection of the frat-pack.

Know what maaan? I bin watchin dose cats an chicks do dere thang out dere an dey sure be havin a good ol time. Almos like a private party – mosly frens mosly trippin! Cinimod and Zaney – lookin luscious, da Sheriff an his lovely Icey Jane, Estev, Nahorp, Mr. Zippy, Bastin (still lonely an still lookin), Mitty an Alice, Mini Mala an her dude Junan, dat crazy honky Radn, Drew an Monnise, Dalstein, da Moon lady who tol me her parents were hippies from da west coast, dat crazy Irishman Gordy an a host of odders – all agog an digging it. An did yo see what ol Estev do while he be doin his dirty-dance number wit Mini Mala? No? Sheet maan, one of dose moves had her lil ol titty loosen up an fly outta her blouse. Yo shoudda seen ol Nahorp an Mr. Zippy who be watchin all dis – dere bug eyes almos fell otta dere sockets!  Dere be som odder sheet goin on down too – all good fuunn tho, an not a bad vibe in da whole place maaan. Makes you tink, huh?  

Unfortunately there are time constraints at the Deeb, so the bar closes at the prescribed time and there is a major exodus, all heading for the ‘Blues’. The party continues. 

So da nex nite we all head out to da café on Bareass Boulevard to listen to Jeronimo and Vida San Sone – again. It’s a nasty-ass evenin with rain and blowin an da dampness everywhere – but not enough to dampen da spirits. Nahorp, his lovely Gowers, da Dancer and ma man first have to stop off at Mr. Zippy’s as it’s Eshie’s tirteent birtday and she wants us dere. Da place is full of her teenage frens and dey be lovin da disco and psychedelic light show upstairs. We join dem on da floor after a few loosen-uppers an da place be rockin! I bin checkin yo guys out, maan – suure gave dose lil ol girls some good moves to look at. An how bout dem lil  thangs huh! Nymphet city, maan – make a maan wish he were back in hi-school. Whoa-wheee!  

Anyway, we make it to the café and join the rest of the crowd – many from the night before, but I am guessing that there would have been many more had the rain not pissed down earlier. The music is divine. The cousins get it on. The jazz standards keep coming. But all too soon it is time to buzz off and we head on home.