Two ‘cheer-up’ comments resulted from the doubts I expressed about this whole blogging business. From Indi – being cool and supportive, and from ‘darkchocolate’, who got Java all perky and determined to banish “THE” from his thought-process – except, he swore, when he runs into Indi – just so he (Indi) won’t twitch or cringe at his (Java’s) pronunciation or cliché- ridden characterisation. I told him not to be so damn considerate – especially after his outburst yesterday!

Shheeet maaan! Dat be a spontaneous reacshun – strait from da heart – da only way Java know how to respon. Non o dose games or gamesmanship – ain’t woth the fucking trouble maaan! Jus yo be telling it like it is an da rest take care o itself. An no hard feelings too. Dig?

I guess! One thing about Java I know for sure – no bullshit – period! Anyway, to get back to blogging and the reasons for it – could it be the need to express one’s ideas or expertise so that like-minded folk could access the information and either enjoy it or contribute towards the content or put it down or turn others on to a good thing or whatever it is that they tune in for? It must be! Do we bloggers suffer from bloated egos or have an irresistible urge to be noticed and (hopefully) adored? For sure we don’t want to get ripped apart by some genius who’s so ‘on the button’ that although we are shattered we have no recourse than to agree with the content that, in a nutshell, wipes all the self-indulgence out and deflates the self-impression we have of ourselves? Not unless one is masochistic, that is.

Heey maaan, jus yo hold on dere for a minit! I know dis cat dat blogs specially so he can attract dose putter-downers, an he aint no masochist. Den he like to start up som heavy dialog wit dem. Dey reel nasty too, but som get sooo clever (an he be on da ball as well, see) dat he have a good ol time of it takin dem roun dis metaphysical merry-go-roun until dey don know where dey be comin from or jus where dey be headin to. An den he pull his killer punch – knock dem right outta cyberspace he do. He digs dis sheet maaan. Give his ego a reel boost – like getting high. An he don even smoke!

Oh well, I guess it takes all types! Anyway, getting back to my search for the reasons we get into this…

An den again maaan, I know dis chick dat blogs jus so she can attract da right type an she can get laid. So she make up all dese elaborate stories bout herself an wrap it in dese reely attractive situashuns dat make som folk comment in da hope of getting somting goin wit dis broad. She respon to dis sheet and roun it goes until, as she tell me, she make a strike on more dan a few occashuns. Only one time she be come on to by a dyke who didn take “no” for da answer, so she got fucked wit a dildo. An den she say it aint all dat bad, so she switched, maaan. Now she got some odder strategy an it don include dudes. How bout dat sheet!

Trust Java to get into the less well known aspects of blogging, but there you are. I guess there’s a whole load of reasons to blog, but still, it would be an interesting study.

Java’s had enough of this. I know from his distant gaze. The bud is out, as is the clipper and the papers. The sound is on and this time it’s a number by Keith Reid, Gary Brooker and Mathew Fisher – also known in those days as Procul Harum

For you (whose eyes were open wide  Whilst mine refused to see)

I’m sore in need of saving grace Be kind and humor me

I’m lost amid a sea of wheat Where people speak but seldom meet

And grief and laughter strange but true Although they die they seldom cry

An ode by any other name I know may read more sweet

Perhaps the sun will never shine  Upon my field of wheat

But still in closing let me say For those too sick to see

Though nothing shows someone knows I wish that one was me

Java passes the doob as we get lost in the music.