This is a funny old world – this world of cybernetics. And blogging – a relatively recent phenomena, looks like it’s going to make things even weirder in this world of instant access to the thoughts and emotions of anonymous entities that zip their head-trips through space, to land on sites that could provoke reactions that cause an endless stream of karmic energies, adding to the infinite strings that hold the universe together like so much glue. So is it when the strings start to unravel that the cause-effect syndrome starts to affect the psyche, which in turn reacts to cause the effects that result, which in turn…ad infinitum? 

Wassup wit all dis sheet you bin on about maaan? You back on dis string-theoretical buuull? Know what tho? I bin checkin out dese sites on Kottu, an maaan, yo site look like reeely primitiv. No sophisto, no slick visuals, no links, no nottin maaan. Look like sheet! An den yo got dose yellow-ass bits dat suddenly spring out wit no method to da madness. Why don you do some classy visuals an make it look trippy an cool? Dis way it be mo attractive to dem surfers lookin for sheet to log on to. An since yo be usin ma name, da least yo could do would be to make it look koool, yeah?

Java’s got a point to ponder on. Now that this step into cyberspace has been taken, why not go the whole hog? I guess it’s just that I am such an ignoramus when it comes to the tech aspects of the business. I had a hard enough time of it just getting this show on the road, let alone dressing up the site. And besides, I haven’t a clue on how to set about it. Sure, I have ideas on what to put in there and I’m sure that I could get the hang of it pretty easily, but time is one constraint and putting someone on the trip of helping me out on this is another deterrent. So I guess I’ll wait until the serendipitous moment to get this going. 

Serendipity maaann? Sheeet! Yo mean yo wait until some happenstance occurs dat make it all work out, huh? An in da meantime yo site be lookin shittier dan a public toilet in downtown Mumbai. I be shamed sociatin wit it maaann! 

I can see that Java’s got this on his list of items he has ready to hassle me with – worse than Buzzy with a bone! But I have things to do – and how! So it’s back to the mundane. Check out my mail, attend to what needs responding to, there’s all sorts of ‘work-related’ matters that need my attention more than spiffying up the site. Jagger’s words keep playing over and over in my brain – a line from “Let it Bleed” – better left unsaid!