It was another gloomy evening after the earlier thunder showers and the threat of another flooding. There is this book launch to attend, but the energy level is wanting and I must have dozed off.

Heeey maaan! Yo shouldda come down da café down Bareass way for da launch of  Chan of a Thousan Gardens’ book on Sri Lanka style architechure. Da place be infested wit architecs – all hemmin an hawin bout dis an dat. Ran into ol Angel almos as soon as I got in dere an aks him what he tink bout da effort an he say dat anyone readin it will be givin credit where it weren’t due maaan. I aks him why, an he say dat dose expats be getting all da credit when it be da mighty guru GeeBee dat should be da star. All dem odders, dey be heavily influ-enced and be nottin more dan copy-cats. Dis maaan know what he be on about, so not havin read dat tome, ah take his word for it. Mah big hangup be da un-nachural color on da cover. Dat shade of blue, maaan, hit me right between da eyes an make me wince – twice! Even ol Chan agree when I aks him bout it. He tell me to talk to Cinimod! Aaanywaaay, we be havin a good ol time wit Illurik an his lovely Marani, Rock-back an his Chopper, ma maan Cini an da viva Zaney, Jeronimo, dat crazy Radn, tall an lissom Tappy, Bastin (comin to terms) and som odders – too many to menshun em all maaan. Da rain it peter out an da launch be fine in spite o dat early dampness. Good for da Thousan Garden maan.  

I’m watching Steven Flemming get the Black Cats in position to eliminate Sri Lanka from the ICC Championship Trophy series, so Java joins in – clearly upset at the likely elimination of our guys.

Jus go ta sho maaan, dis game be wide open at all times – nearly, huh? 

I knock off before the game is done (our team is out!) and see Java at the laptop. 

Check dis out maan. I be putting dis on da blog for dose dat can get into Sesame Street(mah fave program) an dis be somting special. But beware of Java’s “consumer warning” attachment. “Any one dat be sensitive to what dey consider to be “profane” or “drug-related” should NOT – an ah repeat – NOT access dis stuff”. An dig dis – dere may be some chicks from Hendala, (an get a load o dese names!) Ogodapola, Bolagala an Kurikotuwa, struttin dere stuff, so dat fore-warned be fore-armed (do dat sound rite?). Aaaanywaaay… for dose dat insist, here it be to check out at dere own risk, maaan – .  

I guess it’s another one of Java’s black (pardon the pun) humor numbers! It’s late and I hear the drizzle coming back as I hit the sack.