In my quest to find out the deeper reasons for blogging and what it is that attracts readers, I checked the top blogs on World Press and found that the first three are banal and so much bullshit – to me at any rate. First place is occupied by some Belgian –Mishka Zena, who informs readers of the Gallaudet University protests happening in Belgium – wowee-zowee! Next is Scobleizer – Tech Geek Blogger, who writes more interestingly than Mishka and whose content is obviously for techies, so it is understandable that he has masses of visits from all the geeks out there. Number three on the list is People of the Eye – another blog devoted to the protests at Gallaudet University – no, I’m not kidding you!!! And number four, Anousheh Ansari Space Blog is about Ms. Ansari’s trip into space, which is pretty far out and makes for interesting reading for most, I guess. In comparison, it seems to me that Kottu has a far more eclectic and interesting variety on offer, with a few (who shall remain un-named for now) excelling in their content and creativity. It goes without saying that there are also those bloggers in Kottu who I categorise in the ‘mundane’ section, but that’s just me and I’m sure that there are many out there that hold Java and yours truly in pretty low esteem as well – different strokes for different folks, maaan – as Java would put it! So where does that leave me in my investigation? 

Sheeet maaann! Watchu be on dis trip for? Dis ting you be lookin for maan, it be as elusive as da Holy Grail, an you know why?

I’m not sure whether to get into this discussion with Java right now, as there’s no telling where it would end, so I try to put him off. I turn on Johann Pachabel’s Canon in D – this is one of Java’s favourites and usually gets him into a pensive, reflective state of mind, which is great for me!  

Saaay know what maaan? Dis piece be one of da mos popular classical numbers ever! It be used more dan Mozart or Bach or Ludwig Von B. Know how many movies have dis in dere soun-traks? Sheeet, a whole slew maaan. An you know somting else, I have a sneaky suspishun dat George Martin use som of dis in his arrangement for dat Lennon song “In my Life’ – it come durin da break between verses – da da-da-da da daa da daa da, da da-da-da da daa da daa da….. .

Java hums the section and from previous encounters with this trip I see where he’s coming from. Anyway, I’ve managed to get him off the grilling that he started with on why I am looking for the deeper reasons that make folk expose their innermost thoughts to all and sundry out there in cyberspace. At least to those who may happen upon their respective blogs. He’s deep into the piece now, his eyes are closed and his doob is burning itself out in the ashtray. I’m back at the laptop getting this done and all too soon the piece is over.

Lissen maaan, yo know what I find on da web some days back? Dis same Canon in D being done by dis Taiwanese rock guitarist. Some far out mahfuhing sheet maaan an dat cat be swingin. Yo can check it out on an I know you be digging it. Dis maan is too muckin fuch!

I access the site – and sure enough, Jerry C, whoever he is, does something pretty special with this, although the flashes of brilliant guitar work is a million light-years away from the purity of the original music. So if you’re into Pachabel (and Rock as well), check it out. All you purists please stay away – so you don’t bury me with your critiques.