Sex-slaves from Sri Lanka’ was part of the catch-phrase leading to this site that G Force e-mailed me the link to. The blurb went on to describe the variety on view and hardly any category was omitted – boys, girls, men or women, young or old, sophisticated or ‘earthy’, was the description. Photographs added to the incentive to make contact. To access or not to access? That was the question.

Lissenup maaann – dis shure to be some flaky buuullsheeet, an even if it aint yo don wanna be messin with dis sort of porno crappola. 

I am taken aback. Since when did Java get anything even resembling a puritanical streak in his ‘anything goes’ makeup? He is usually the first to dive into anything that will ‘turn him on’ and cope with the effects as best he can, so this bit of advice was completely out of character. 

Yo see what happen to Pete Townsend of da ‘Who’, maaan? Dat cat get busted jus for checkin out som paedophile site. Dose London piggies be all over dat poor dude, rippin his pad apart in dere search for incriminatin sheet. Take his hard-drive an everyting. Don know how it be turning out for ol Pete, but if dis sheet be possible, yo don wanna be messin wit it. 

I had read of this case and wondered how it is possible for law-enforcement elements to arrest individuals for simply accessing something that is freely available to the public and is in the public domain. How far does one have to go before being liable to prosecution? And what are the limits? And does anything happen to the creators of the sites that could be liable for the causes of these incidents? Are there guidelines for visitors to cyberspace that inform us of areas that are illegal to operate in? Does anybody out there know????

 It’s early morning in the hills and everything around is wet after the irregular overnight drizzles. The sun hasn’t made an appearance yet, so the mist hasn’t lifted. It is a chilly 16 C, a Jungle fowl (Gallus lafayettii) calls from the lower garden and Buzzy, Rock and Bruiser are impatient to go for their morning walk. Johann Sebastian’s Air on a G String is playing on WorldSpace, so I close up the laptop and let the dogs have their way.