It’s early morning again and I’m sitting here with a pretty much blank slate in my head. Trying to write something on a daily basis that is either entertaining, relevant or of some interest to anyone that may chance on it has become a kind of compulsive ‘discipline’ and I’m not entirely sure that this is a ‘good’ thing – for me that is. For one thing, it is time-consuming and one wonders if this time could be better spent. The one positive about it is that it allows Java the space to ‘let it all hang out’ as it were and this certainly frees an element in the mindspace that niggles to escape the confines of the inner domain. And once it does, there is a certain satisfaction that is achieved. So is that (satisfaction) worth the effort and the time spent? I guess I’m not quite sure, but time will surely tell – as is usually the case!

Anyway – getting back to the ‘here and now’ – early morning in the hills. For the ears we have ‘Maestro’ on WorldSpace emitting an unfamiliar orchestral arrangement so I’m not sure of the composer, birdsong in the background, a variety of frog calls, Sunil’s ekel broom sweeping the garden, a squirrel’s panic call, crickets and/or cicadas as well. And for the eyes – so many shades of green, not quite glistening yet, as the sun is yet to pierce the cloud cover to refract off the dew that covers everything. And for the body – the 15C temperature calls for at least a sweater to counter the chill. The others aren’t awake yet so there’s no interruption, but soon enough the day’s activities will require energies and efforts that will negate the awareness that this time of day is so conducive to. And so it goes.

It’s time to walk the dogs and see what else the early morning has to offer outdoors. I haven’t yet spotted the Indian Pitta (Pitta brachyuran) or the Banded Crake (Rallina eurizonoides nigrolineata) since the migrants returned, so maybe I’ll get lucky today.