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Remember your childhood? Before major desires entered your consciousness? Desire for sexual gratification, desire for wealth and all it brought with it, desire for achievement and all the other desires that play so much of a part in our makeup? Sure you do! And if you were fortunate enough to have parents that were not impoverished and that were half-way decent to each other and to their child(ren), you would probably remember a carefree and happy time. Do you remember when this wonderful period in your life ended, or at least, when it started to change? No? Think about it. It was probably sometime between early childhood and the onset of puberty. In school? If you were fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to be a boarder in a school hostel, there’s a good chance that this may have had something to do with it – particularly if you were very young at the time. Separation from the love and comfort of a happy home is always a traumatic experience for a child. Are you with me? Okay, proceeding with this train of thought – do you remember when those happy and carefree times evolved to where ‘desire’played a role that affected your entire being? I’m not talking about a child’s desire for a toy, a book or a computer game – more likely this has to do with the onset of adolescence and sexual awareness and the experience of your first ejaculation following whatever sexual stimulation that caused it. Remember the first time? Didn’t that lead to all sorts of conflicting emotions? Desire for. Love of. Sad because. Angry with. Jealous of. Possessive of. Scheming about. And all those other emotions that took you away from the carefree, happy mindset that you had not so long ago? But still, in spite of all the conflicting thoughts, mood shifts and negativity, do you still tread the path of physical gratification fuelled by desire? Sure you do! You’re not celibate, nor are you seriously seeking nirvana – not in this life anyway, right? All this physical gratification feels so fucking good, why quit? Agree?

Heeey maaan, I’m getting tired of dis sheet you be persistin wit. Jus where is dis stream flowin?

Damn! Java dropping by isn’t going to help me round this off. He has this knack of muddying the stream, as it were, so I try shining him on.

Say what maaan? Did yo hear me, or are yo shinin me on here?

Okay Java, I’m trying to get this to lead to the main precept of the Gautama Buddha in a nutshell – that “desire causes suffering”. And how eliminating desire leads to a state of consciousness where energy is concentrated and accumulates until illusory phenomena is recognised for what it is – Maya. And then the state of being is enveloped in bliss.

Sheeet maan, I bin readin yo books on religion an philosophy an stuff an a lot of it make sense, but fo me – I’ll stay wit all dat pleasurable sheet maaan. Dere’s time fo nirvana – loooong time!

He walks off towards the sound – the joint is already lit. Jim Morrison comes on loud..

         You know that it would be untrue
         You know that I would be a liar

         If I was to say to you,

         Girl we couldn’t get much higher
         Come on baby, light my fire
         Come on baby, light my fire
         Try to set the night on fire

         The time to hesitate is through

         No time to wallow in the mire

         If I was to say to you

         Our love becomes a funeral pyre

         Come on baby, light my fire

         Come on baby, light my fire

         Try to set the night on fire


November 2006
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