After just about a month and a half of blogging and getting a few tepid comments, I was pleasantly surprised to hear from ‘Noble’ out of Lakeland, Florida. How he ever happened on the site is something I still have to find out, but his responses, in addition to being relevant and humourous, were also full of information that I found I had much in common with. And so this relationship begins. Judging from the quantum of responses from Derrick, he must find Java and yours truly to be at least interesting, if not thought provoking. And I must add that I have been quite turned on by the whole business, as I have also picked up on a couple of subjects that I was not aware of – thereby expanding the knowledge base. 

 Know what maaan? Sir Derrick da Nobleman mus be a pretty crazy dude. Jus goin by his  stream of consciousness an dat, I figure he be like off da beaten track – like us guys. What do yo tink? But hey maaan, he also tink at fust dat Java not be ‘fo real’!! Sheet maaan ah shuure hope yo straiten dat cat’s ass out but goood. Den he be seein gremlins peekin tru his door an hear dem runnin down da hall. Mus live in an apartment yo tink? An he also be into infomashun gaderin technology and related fields, so ahm wonderin how much infomashun he be gaderin on our asses. He be pickin up dem clues yo be leavin in dose posts, so be innerestin to see how he be goin on dis, huh? 

That’s another thing about blogging – wondering just what the writer or responder is like and who it is. There are clues in the messages and for sure, unless one is being facetious or satirical and this is not picked up on, a ‘sort of’ image, at least of the mindset of the individual comes through. Then of course there are other means of finding out just who it is – if one is of that bent. This leads to the question, ‘are we bloggers truly anonymous?’ To take an extreme hypothesis – suppose one is to write a piece critical of an entity who has the power and means at its disposal to identify the writer. And if the entity is such that it brooks no public criticism and would go to the extent of seriously inhibiting further critical exposure by the writer, this could lead to the same situation that many local journalists have experienced in the not too distant past. Attempts on lives, assaults and even death have resulted from critical views. 

Dats right ma maan – yo be shuure to watch yo p’s an q’s when yo be talkin critical of dese extreme forces. Dey got too much to lose from da chance dat public opinion caused by the exposin of dere trips to let freedom of spresshun be undisturbed. Da only ting with dis place be dat mos folk be too apathetic to spress dere views en mass – like dey did in som odder countries in Asia and Europe. People-power be missin from here an so on we go wit da same buuulsheet over an over again. Saaad mahfuhing situashun! 

Anyway, to get back to Derrick – it may well be a coincidence that since his comments and my responses to him, my stats have increased quite a bit, which is also thought-provoking. I’m wondering if there’s some connection and feel pretty sure that it has. There’s so much involved in the access to information on the net that a search for a random or specific subject results in a variety of possibilities, one of which may point to a site, which in turn starts a ball rolling. And so I feel that Derrick’s connection has brought about a change in this site as well as a mutually positive relationship via cyberspace. 

Right on maaan, Sir Derrick da Nobleman be a righteous dude wit stuuuf in his head dat need to be said and what better place dan to do it on Ephemeral Ruminashuns wit us two coool cats who can relate to his sheeet? Be like a magic carpet ride maan – up, up and away. 

Java is clearly in favour of Derrick – makes him think about things that didn’t occur to him recently – like Crowley and Brautigan, culture-jamming, bionanotechnology, the Dancing Masters and others, so as far as he is concerned it is a ‘good trip’. He heads off towards the sound with his doob trailing smoke and soon the volume is turned up. It’s Steppenwolf…………            


I like to dream yes, yes, right between my sound machine

        On a cloud of sound I drift in the night
        Any place it goes is right
        Goes far, flies near, to the stars away from here

        Well, you don’t know what we can find
        Why don’t you come with me little girl
        On a magic carpet ride…………