The drive back to Colombo only reinforced my view that our representatives in government are hopelessly out of their depth in virtually all areas to do with land and water management. The severe erosion of the Uva hills is a case in point and this balatant disregard (over many years) of the loss of our invaluable top soil which leads to the silting of our streams and lakes, is an inexcusable crime. I do realize that I wrote a piece on this some days ago about these creeps, but I can’t help but expand on it. The mental midgets in charge have exemplified their ignorance – or just plain indifference – by the way they are ‘upgrading’ the road from Balangoda to Haputale. As I wrote last week, the massive landslides that have caused landowners to lose much of their small-holdings and that will cost us taxpayers and the country millions were caused by the abject lack of planning and implementation of basic drainage techniques. Someone ought to tell these geni-asses that it is no good making drains at the base of the hills whose sides have been sliced off by heavy machinery, if drainage systems have not been established at the top. Erosion will fill the drains at the bottom with mud and earth and the rest of it will follow – as it has – virtually all the way down the Beragala Pass and a good deal more further on. Surely someone in authority, or some engineer or hydrologist must be aware of what is going on? Or is it that they do know, have made their advisory reports and No One In Charge CARES? What do we do? Isn’t there something in the ‘Chinthanaya’ that covers these diabolical lapses?  

Heeey maaan, aint you tired of flogging a dead beast? You tink anyone of dem politicos give a good goddam sheet bout dis?

Oh well! Could someone tell us what the hell do we do?????