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The Garten party at Bareass Boulevard got going in spite of the inclement weather and there were so many guests it was like standing room only when we got there. Fortunately the rain ceased and the canopy prevented the drizzle from dampening the proceedings, until the drizzle petered out. The dance floor was mopped and dried and a swinging time was had by all.  There were the usual speeches of appreciation made by many of those who benefitted from the Grande Dame’s extensive contribution to ballet, theatre and their lives in general over the past several years on this her celebration of three-score and fifteen years on the planet. Pike was the perfect host and his sister Dinkums did what she could to assist, whilst Hamon, the man behind the woman, quietly made his presence felt in his usual unobtrusive manner.  The occasion was also used for the launching of a book on the life and achievements of the Grande Dame. A handsomely published volume full of pictures and text outlining an interesting and creative life with references to the myriad characters that passed through the life of the lady. The guests milled and thronged, chatting, crowding around the excellent bar and meeting long lost friends and eventually formed a snaking line for the admirable buffet dinner especially prepared by Le Petitie Madamme Kellooue. 

 Heeey maaan, yo know dat when Nahorp, Gowers, da Dancer an yo show up dere be no place even to sit, dere be so many folk dere. Mustta bin close to tree hundred? Den when ol Cinimod and Zaney (lookin glam and gorgie) walk in, da place be bustin at da se­ams, an still it dint seem like it be too bad, which is why dis café be da bes place in town to have a party. Ol Mo be in his space an after Nahorp an Gowers left fo mo akshun at Ratu’s bash, takin da Dancer home on dere way, I be seein Jeronimo, Mr. Sands and yo wit Cinimod an Zaney all be headin fo da smokin room. When I got dere Mr. Sands be lookin at at dis pichure of hisself in drag – somting outta da ball scene in ‘My Fair Lady’ an he say he be lookin like da Grande Dame’s sister! Den later ol Estev also join da crowd an all I be seein was smoke pourin out o dat door, maaan. Almos like a fire bin started. And da DJ played on. 

Yes, it was a good night – in spite of the rains that, thank Thor, abated and let the show go on.

November 2006
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