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Much has been written and discussed about the role that the ‘Karuna Faction’ plays in the GOSL’s strategy vis a vis the LTTE and of late, the actions of this group have been subject to closer scrutiny and critical evaluation. The latest of these is the report of the former Canadian cabinet minister and ex-ambassador to the UN, Allan Rock, who was recently appointed special adviser on Sri Lanka to Radhika Coomaraswamy, Special Representative of the UN with regard to the role of children in armed conflict. This report was equally critical of the LTTE and the TMVP aka the ‘Karuna Faction’, for their forcible recruitment of children – and the GOSL for its complicity in aiding and abetting the TMVP in this regard. The resulting feedback to this report has not been surprising. The state controlled media has, in typical and predictable fashion, stressed on the parts of the report that focused on the LTTE’s violations and at first, chose not to refer to the alleged role of the GOSL in aiding the TMVP in their crimes (they have since taken the position of the ‘unjustly aggrieved’ and are hinting at an ‘attack is the best form of defence’ approach). In similar mode, the LTTE has done much of the same – highlighting the GOSL’s role with the TMVP whilst ignoring their well known abuses regarding children – among a host of other atrocities. Contributors to kottu follow suit with their pro and con attitudes – and the band plays on!

Heeey maaan, know what? Remember when we be in da east coast las week? I bin talkin wit da Sheriff an he tell me how dose Karuna boys be abductin young guys from Fusi’s crew dat be workin on dose tsunami houses – dey be losin eight crew up to dat time. Den Gillis, who bin visitin his place out dere on da point tell me how da Karuna guys be extortin cash from da Tamil folk in town. An dey do dis in broad daylight, Gillis say. An what Java hear from mos all da folk he meet is dat dese guys aint scared as da STF boys be providin protecshun an not preventin dem from doin dis sheeet. An Fusi an da Sheriff, dey bot tell me dat dey never bin boddered by dem Tigers for dese two years as dey bin workin on tsunami houses for da people of da village. So dey be shure dat Karuna be getting help, or dat dere crime be ‘overlooked’ by da security forces. Waas dat word dey use? Help me out here maaan – yeah, ‘impunity’ – dats da word to describe dese mahfuhs attitude, right?

Java’s right. During the past two years we have made frequent and regular trips to the east and the uncertainty that prevails presently was never felt during that time. And this third force – the ‘K Factor’ has compounded the volatility, which appears to be increasing exponentially.

Lisssenup maan, dis sheet happen cos da government let it get outta control. Remember when da divorce happen? All da people tink dat Karuna leaving da Supremo be da bes ting dat happen to da country and wit his help dere would be a chance to defeat da weaker Tigers. So da forces be aidin an abettin dese guys an now dey findin it hard to control dem – like a Frankenstein – know where I’m comin from? An now da whole shituashun be jus dat – shitty, an getting worse in a hurry! Now da government be involved ‘by sosciashun’ wit dese assholes, in child abuse, kidnappin, extorshun, abducshuns, murder and more sheeet. An who will believe dat da powers dat be don know waas bin happenin, why an how? If dey don know, den dey don deserve to be in charge and if dey do, den dey be in complicity and in deeep sheeet, cos if dey don stop dis an tings don improve, we be headin for sancshuns – like Somalia, Congo, Burundi an da Ivory Coast. See how low we be getting maaan?

Java’s right – again! Complicity in criminal activities, in this case human rights abuses (and possibly war crimes), is punishable by international law by conventions to which Sri Lanka is a signatory. And if the boss is ignorant of how the staff works, the question that begs the answer is ……………you know what it is! And if the boss does know what’s going on (and there’s little reason for doubt here) he is as guilty as the perpetrators – by the law that applies. So where does that leave the rest of us that just want to ‘live and let live’ in a country free of corruption, fear, violence and crime? Your guess is as good as mine, but unless and until a change comes about, we will have to bear the turmoil and uncertainty brought about by a myopic and unrealistic domestic policy.

Dat’s right on da button maaan, but right now dis Frankenstein mus be neutralised by da government if dey want to make tings better. Step at a time be da way to go. Far as Java be aware, da Tigers an da government be on da same trip – peas in a pod! Dey say one ting an do anodder, lies bout abuse an more lies bout no abuses. Dey tink we all be a bunch of gullible morons. Can’t fool everbody all o da time, right? Wha do yo tink?