I’m just starting to get pissed off – although I do realize that it’s a pretty futile exercise – but then, you must know how it is when you know that nothing will be achieved in getting messed up in the head about things you have no control over. And yet….

I’ve attempted to post my piece twice already today. It shows up on Ephemeral Ruminations, but not on the display of recently posted pieces – and that kind off defeats the purpose of the display.  I’ve consulted the only one I know who has some know-how about the workings of kottu, but alas, the problem remains.

Heey maaan, yo tink dat som asshole be tryin to sabotage our efforts to be seen an heard? Yo know, someone tryin to play a game wit our heads? If mindfuck be da name of da game den we could play an start dat ball rollin an get to findin out. What say?

Java relishes the ‘game’ challenge, but I tend to be more on the ‘fuck it – it aint worth the time or effort’ trip. I would just let those interested enough in this stream of consciousness to check Ephemeral anyway – just in case there’s something there that may be of interest. The random surfers of kottu would probably miss stuff (poor dears), but then that’s how things go on the funny farm, right?

Shheeet maaan, I say we get to da ass-end o dis sheeet an expose waas bin goin down. An if dis jus be som glitch in kottu’s cyber-space, den we find out an remedy it. Don dat make sense to yo?

Let’s just see how it goes. We’ll keep plugging on and let the flow take us where it will. Being here and now aint all that bad in times like this.