It’s that time again – the bags are out, the dogs are ‘down’, their expressions are so very lucid they don’t need to articulate. For sure they have a thought process. Anyone who owns a dog and who is reasonably close to it will understand this. I’m sure that they even have powers of deduction – and with good reason. So many instances have made this observation both obvious, as well as unquestionable. Memory and its re-call are also within their capabilities and I’m not talking about a conditioned ‘training’ or any of that. For instance, if Buster and Rocky have a ‘disagreement’ last thing at night before Buster stays in and Rocky is put out for the night, Buzzy never fails to confront Rock first thing in the morning before I am able to step in and sort it out. Or, if they have spooked a snake or other creature that has managed to hide or get away and then I distract them with a bone or other treat, just as soon after they get through with it they will get back to the ‘chase’. There are other examples, but then most dog lovers won’t need more – they know what I’m on about. And non dog lovers wouldn’t care anyway.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about the evolution of dogs and if the human race were to survive for the next thousand years (unlikely as that may sound, given the present global scenario), how dogs would change. I remember reading a short story in (I think it was) one of Harlan Ellison’s classic anthologies of short science fiction stories ‘Dangerous Visions’ or ‘Again Dangerous Visions’, in which dogs had evolved to a much ‘higher’ state of consciousness in that they could communicate verbally, retaining all their other attributes that make them so loving and lovable. The story itself takes this premise to an extreme and the outcome is as shocking as it was intended to be, but it did present all sorts of interesting possibilities.

And so I get ready to leave Flower Book once more and I guess the dogs do realize that I will be back after the usual interval.

I wonder if they keep count of the days?