Jeronimo’s final performance during this time’s visit will be this evening (14th) at one of those largish hotels in Colombo.

His friends got together at the Café last night for a casual evening of good cheer and we all sat upstairs above the bar, which is a great spot for just about anything – I mean for dinner or drinks or just to chat. The Araliyas (Plumeria obtusifolia) that grow through the slab add to the ambiance and the steady breeze blowing through their leaves is deflected and its direction is spread around. It was perfect weather, after the spate of rainy days we’ve been having for so long.

Just after mid-night I got up to make the spirally trip down the stairs to the bar, got down okay and then the lights went off – I mean in my head! The next thing I know is that I’m on the paving, looking at these two waiters holding me up and with the crowd from upstairs looking very concerned and surrounding me. It was all very fuzzy at the time, but soon the haze lifted and I was back – very em-bare-assed at Bareass Boulevard.

I’m told that the condition is know as ‘Situational Syncope’ – the medical term for ‘fainting’ due to the blood pressure falling suddenly – no doubt in my case, due to excessive imbibing and inhaling all that good stuff. Anyway, no harm done, except for making a git of myself, causing myself embarrassment and scaring my friends. The signal was unmistakable and the solution / prevention would have been to lie down immediately, so the blood flow to the brain would nullify the end result. Lesson learned – next time!

Java was missing during this whole thing and Seenimod’s parting words to me as I left the Cafe were, “Don’t worry, I won’t tell Java”. 

Jeronimo will be back. When? Hang in there – he will surprise us all – as usual!