Seeing Christmas in at Nahorp’s and Gower’s is an annual event for close friends and families and, as usual, a swinging and high old time was had by all and when the last of the stragglers trickled out close to sunrise the early morning traffic and a few pedestrians were already starting their day.

Another Christmas day has dawned and kottu has already evinced the attitudes and views of quite a few bloggers with regard to Christmas through individual blogs and the responding comments. Some of the views have been quite radical and most informative of the respective author’s mind-set whilst others have sought to seriously debate contentious views and in the process enlightening readers with their erudite views, as well as with interesting bits and pieces from recognized sources.

What I found interesting was to see that there will always be the few that will find their own ‘rationale’ to denigrate just about anything on the basis of narrow and intolerant views relating to race, religion and other aspects about what ever it is  that is of immense value to whole sections of the populace. Never mind that a globally celebrated occasion that has religious connections and is associated with love, joy and good-will, particularly for children of the world – some folk can only think about associating it with any horror that they can imagine. Living and letting live is certainly not part of their collective consciousness and here’s where the social contract breaks down. And here’s how conflict and the resulting pain and sorrow and chaos is created. But this is the nature of the beast and as long as we have these entities that thrive on conflict and intolerance there can never be peace and harmony.

Anyway, we shall be attending another annual Christmas gathering tonight where the event is celebrated in the traditional style, with all the trimmings, caroling and plenty of good vibes, good-will and good cheer. It’s just too tragic to think that we will be a small minority in this country that have the opportunity to enjoy this special day in this special way, but then life must go on and being ‘here and now’ is what all the guru’s recommend, so that is how it will be.

Let’s hope that the next year will bring with it some way in which the assholes of the world will be either be enlightened or destroyed so that the rest of us could live in peace and harmony.