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Heeey maaan, wake up!

You know how some folk are in tune with their bio-rhythms and can set their internal clocks so they are able to wake up as programmed? Well, I’m lucky to have Java – and so far, except for one untoward incident, he hasn’t let the side down. Now here he was again – in my ear and persistent, until the unconscious was stirred and I emerged out of the haze brought about by all the imbibing and ingesting that took place at Nahorp’s and Gowers’ out-a-sight party that saw the New Year in.

The usual suspects were all there – the Sheriff and Icey Jane with their delightful offspring, Crazy Radn after his foray down-under, Estev being himself as usual, Jasmine, Ramundo who took a break from undertaking any stiffs that night, GT and Di – visiting from Oz, Cinimod and Zaney after their obligatory visit to the Boulevard, Mr. Zippy and the demure Cici, Lorre and Kajey, the Master and his beautiful Charmer – she, fresh from Kiwiland with their two lovely kiddos, the Merchant and his Pretentious Pussy, the Sufi Master doing his version of dirty dancing with Matti visiting from London town, Chris from the Beeb with his Mindful-one and a bunch of others – too many to list. Lorre handled the music – as usual and, as usual, it was ‘the best selection in town’. Anyway, a fantastic time was had – by us, at any rate and all too soon it was time to leave, but not before a sumptious breakfast – to keep the bod and soul in one piece. Bed-time on the first day of this year was somewhere around 5.15am!

And so, Java’s wake-up call at 7.15 am didn’t exactly ‘hit the spot’, but I had to crawl out of bed if I wanted to make it to work on time – and I did. It’s a kind of a habit I guess, as all my co-workers troop in to convey good wishes and it may well be taken as an inauspicious sign if I wasn’t around – you know how things are in countries where superstition plays a major role in the culture, right? The cold shower helped no end to clear the haze, as did the steaming cuppa. The rest was a breeze, although I did leave work after an early lunch and managed to catch up on some well deserved sleep.

Saay what, maan? Well deserved? Shheeet! Da way you bin dancing all night – even yo Dancer get tired. Mus have bin som extra energizers to keep yo ass goin da way it did.

Java tends to embellish, so take that with a pinch of salt and we’ll talk about resolutions later.

Hope that your beginning was the best ever – for you and yours!