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I had to leave later than I usually do – unavoidable! But it was just great to be back in the hills after the long break in the city over the holiday season, where the heavy social engagements with their attendant accoutrements must surely have taken their toll on the system. The drive up was enhanced by a super morning – a far cry from the drives back and forth over the past several weeks, mainly due to the nearly incessant rains during that period. Thankfully, most of the earth and rocks from the innumerable earth-slips had been cleared off the road and their sides and much of the new road was well on its way, although there were no signs of any preventative measures being taken to inhibit repetition of the slides  – so what else is new in Paradisio?!

Flower Book was looking great on a clear day in the early afternoon sun – the herb, veggie and flower beds visibly recovering from the beating they took during the recent spate of rains. The dogs did their thing, expressive as ever. But the most telling impact was from the change of vibe from just a few hours ago. The ‘hard to put into words’ ambiance is just so contrasting from that which exists in the city, that a different pace immediately comes into play. I guess in the end, it is the level of awareness that determines the energy-levels that could be achieved – in the quest for whatever it is we seek.

January 2007
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