‘Commenting’ or responding to a post can be a real pain in the ass (depending on the site I guess). One site wants a jumbled mess of letters to be reproduced in a box, one wants a box clicked on to say this is not spam, and others have other odd requests to be carried out, or the comment will not make it to the one you are directing it. Some sites however, have no such problems or obstacles to letting you send your comment through. Got me wondering why only some sites had the rigmarole to surmount – what’s the big deal with all the crap? ‘Simplest’ always seemed to me the way to go, so if one site allowed comments to go through without any bullshit attached to it to make the task more difficult, why not others?

Just a bit ago I tried passing on some words of wisdom to this love-lorn school teacher who is barely coping with a bad case of the blues, so I got my message in the box and was then ordered to re-type the message as follows: “Anti-spam measure: please retype the above text into the box provided”. There was this little sliver of a ‘box’ with a number next to it by the message and it seemed to me an unnecessary hassle to do this – that is to re-type the entire comment, so I highlighted the comment, copied, and pasted in the slit I assumed to be the place the ‘direction’ indicated. There was this other little box with the caption ‘say it’ under the first message, so I clicked on that one assuming that the comment will zip through cyberspace and land at the intended destination, giving the heart-broken school teacher, now probably getting her saree together for another day of teaching school girls with a heavy heart and her mind across the ocean hoping against hope for some miracle that would get the love of her life back into her waiting arms, some advice on how to handle her pain. Alas, it didn’t work! The site had this message come up to say:

One of the following things has happened:
1. you retyped the text in the image incorrectly;
2. the time allowed for retyping the image has expired;
3. the image in the previous page has already been used for submitting a comment.
Please return to the previous page and try again. (If items 2 or 3 above apply, you will need to reload the previous page.)

And so, moron that I can be at the best of times, I tried again – all for the sake of giving this undoubtedly despondent lady the benefit of my wisdom – a major ego trip to be sure! And, you’re right – never happened the way I intended. I got the same message again – I’m probably doing one of three things wrong and would I try again!

Well, enough is enough – and not even the compassion I felt for the heart-broken school teacher was sufficient to put me through this trip again. Instead, I silently cursed the genius(es) that thought up these obstacles to the freedom of expression, got me a second nice steaming cup of coffee, focused more on Tellemann’s ‘Ulster Overture’ playing on the classical station MAESTRO on WorldSpace and got to getting this whinge off my chest.

The sound of the rain outside at 6.30 am indicates that it will be another one of those gloomy days up here in the hills. But Java and I will make the most of it I am sure – with the dogs and the music for company.