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Don know bout dis! Dat Rhydmic cat be aksing us fo somting on ‘My Place’ an we feel like we be spoil-sports not to humor his ass. Axshually, we tried coupla times to do dis by a short ‘comment’ to his post, but like I be sayin a few days back, som of dose ‘comment’ numbers be a reeal mind-fuck an it don look like dey got thru. So we condescend to dis.

Maaan, RD – like yo be dumb or somting?!! Yo mean to say yo dint figure out dat Flower Book be DE PLACE fo ma maan an me? Wit all dat nachural beauty, dose dogs, dat tranquil vibe an da music we be choosin. What more maaan? We don be talkin bout sex an dat sheet here coz dat be taken fo granted, right? All dat city axshun, partyin an all dat odder mind-bendin numbers be happenin in da interim as it were, so dat be like a welcome break, but for me an ma maan, Flower Book is where it’s at. Dig? Need we say more?

Now – bout dat ‘tag’ sheeet. If we be aksed to nominate somone to follow our asses an tell bout his, her or its place, den we be goin for dat Looney-ass Bin-man. We be bettin dat he be goin to som weird-ass places at warp speed  in  dat enterprisin starship he be havin down dere in dat basement of his, an we shuurre be likin to know what place dat he be preferrin. You tink he be risin to dis maaan? If he don’t, jus lever his ass gentle like. We tink he be a good ol sport too.

Hope dat was cool wit you. Be seein yo!

Now you be cool too, hear?