Things look pretty grim for me for the next several days. Intense traveling up northwards and then along the east coast from just north of Kalkudah down to Panama in the south checking on stuff all along the route, meeting with visitors from overseas, handling the formal opening of a project in the boondocks, which requires the obligatory hemming and hawing with the invitees – many of who represent the local bureaucracy. And then back to the city to more of the mundane, dealing with work-related matters that includes participating in a seminar with representatives from around Asia – all of which means a probable break from the regular blogging. The risk is that once the break is taken it may be difficult to get back into the routine of the regular blog – as happens on occasion in general. And what is most depressing of all is the long absence from Flower Book and the tranquility it offers. Luckily the dogs don’t know.

Or do they??!!!