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This has more to do with ‘rights’ than with ‘religion’, although religion emerges as the chief offender. I’m referring to the obnoxious practice of amplifying religious dogma at any hour of the day or night at the whims and fancies of the incumbents of the religious institutions in question. And it would appear that the chief offenders are the mosques and the temples – the Muslims and the Buddhists.

With scant regard for the rights of those who are disturbed by the high decibel cacophony – often indecipherable, the practice continues. No respite is possible, as the din invades the privacy of homes, schools, hospitals, tourist resorts, old-age homes and just about any habitation – unless of course one is fortunate to possess a sound-proof refuge from this invasive nuisance that shatters peace of mind.

The old, the young, the sick and infirm, students trying to concentrate on studies and many others that are affected have no recourse other than to curse the perpetrators of this assault on their sensibilities and wonder why their representatives in government don’t have the spine to take on these inconsiderate purveyors of sound pollution. The Environmental Authority and or the ministries in charge of environment and health must surely have this malady within the ambit of their responsibilities? Are they afraid of the mullahs and monks? And what about the learned members of the Sangha? Don’t they realize that this practice is in direct contradiction to the ‘Eight-fold Path’ and is a perversion of the beautiful philosophy that is Buddhism? And the members of the public (read ‘all of us’) who are doubtlessly affected curse and bear it. I have, on previous occasion attempted to begin a debate on this in the local dailies by writing something on these lines, but none of my letters to the editors were published – no big surprise to be sure, as I guess the ‘don’t rock the religious boat’ mindset prevails!

And so here we are – as apathetic as ever – as usual, while the perpetrators of this abuse of our fundamental rights spew their pious platitudes and pontificate on ‘religious’ matters, whilst missing the forest for the trees.

There’s more to this abuse of our fundamental rights in the name of ‘religion’, where we are disallowed from purchasing certain foods and beverages due to what some consider to be ‘holy days’. But that’s another story – perhaps better kept for later!

What do you think?

January 2007
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