I guess this must be a milestone of sorts – the one-hundredth blog since starting this in the third week of September 2006. Who would have thought it?!! Certainly not Java and yours truly, for what began as a ‘trip’ into that unknown realm of cyberspace and encountering those unfamiliar energies zapping around the blogosphere, has progressed to a state of near compulsive regurgitating of ideas that speed across the mindspace, captured occasionally and expressed as best possible under whatever circumstances prevailed at the time. The content has been a kind of a mixed bag to be sure – whatever happened in that internal universe at the time was put down and zapped off to kottu. And the whole caboodle has been surprising as well – for innumerable reasons – best left alone for now.

It aint bin one little ol bit surprisin to me maaan. I tol yo ass when you set off on dis trip – remember what I done say? I tol yo dat yo doin dis sheet caus yo could be tellin it like it is fo you, an yo could be flowin down dem streams of consciousness an tellin folk bout it, bout dat music dat sometime turn on dat stream, bout movies dat inspire, an also what to avoid so dose waters don get muddy – remember? An also all dose turn-ons like Flower Book, dem dogs, all dat fauna an flora we be observin – jus cast dat mind of yo’s back an check it out.

Right! Java did have his moment of intuitive ‘whatever’ and I do suppose things have turned out pretty much that way. The thing of it is that the trip has stirred up some of those creative juices that otherwise could possibly have been left dormant – mind exercises – good for the soul! And then there’s those like-minded folk that have responded – some of who have got kinda close through all that communicating, which could enable the possibility of these kinds of ‘relationships’ enriching the whole. There’s other ‘stuurrff’ too that has added to the experience. Some of the blogs encountered because of this adventure in cyberspace have revealed minds that are sharp, incisive, even brilliant in their expositions of whatever it is that they are on about. Some are excruciatingly banal, whilst others expose their weaknesses and prejudices to a greater extent than the average – I guess we are all in this boat, to some degree or the other!

What else? Anonymity was something we thought about whilst realizing of course that in a ‘village’ such as we are in, where ‘everybody’ knows just about ‘everybody else’, or someone who knows someone who knows someone…. This could get to be a drag – although I suppose it depends on where one’s head is at – if you don’t want others to know that you are really this blogger with that attitude or the other mindset, it would be difficult. Those cyber-tecs out there with their penchant for surveillance and their brilliance at using and/or adapting software to suit their ends will, without doubt, find the man or woman behind the blog. Oh well – such is life I guess, so if blogging is all that important for the purpose of being seen, read or whatever else, then on we go and the hell with the consequences – right?

Can’t think of much more to add, except to say that it is a real mind-blower to have got this far – and hopefully what has gone down has been at least mildly interesting, amusing, thought-provoking or something else that may have added some value somewhere, sometime, somehow. And if not?

So be it!