Tomorrow it will be time to leave the hills – again. Another package of time to be spent in the city, attending to the mundane, but making the most of it – the only way to fly – ‘making the most of it’ I mean! And speaking of ‘flying’, Java has been trying to get me on this trip of his that he swears is worth a million bucks – metaphorically speaking, of course. It all started with what he said was his communication with a guy called Lobsang Rampa (or something that sounded like that) – a Tibetan Lama. No way of knowing if this guy was in the land of the living or if this was some ethereal being who got his energies mingling with Java’s and so enabling the metaphysical interaction. Java didn’t get into the specifics of the means of communication except to say that it was “confidenshul maan”. But he did say that he could instruct me on how to get off the ground with it (sorry about that!). And so he set about preparing the right ambiance for instruction.

We be needin dat right kinda music maan, so dis chantin sheet soun like it do da number.

He gets out this ‘Gregorian Chant and Polyphony’ disc, it’s by the Monks of L’Abbaye Duc Bec-Hellouin and turns it on. The liner notes tell me that “… the Abbey of Hellouin is one of France’s most notable monastic communities, founded in the eleventh century by the knight Herluin and has been an influential center of learning for nearly a thousand years”. The Gregorian chant itself is the oldest known form of notated music in the western world and both Java and I have always enjoyed the serenity the music evokes – a kind of spiritual stillness that calms the voice in the head. Anyway, as he goes about with his incense lighting, getting the scented candles going and all that other stuff he needs for this, I get into the chanting – and drift off…

Awright mah maaan, time to get dem instrucshuns so yo could do dat astral number. Yo be ready for it?

Java’s voice pries me out of that deep concentration that I had happening and I have to make an effort to get back to base.

Lissen maan, look like yo be half-way dere jus now, but dere be som odder stuurf yo need to know to axshully get dat ‘spirit’ or ‘energy’ to leave dat material vehicle and float on out of dat body of yo’s. Now lissen up an pay ttenshun hear? Fust yo do what yo bin doin jus now – dat be getting into dat music wit yo eyes close. Den yo concentrate on yo body and relax all dem muscles dat be tensed up an sheet. Start wit yo toes an work yo way up each part slowly – concentratin on relaxin every part as yo work yo way up dat body. Den, when yo get to da head, yo mus vishualize a small black dot – blacker dan what is dere when yo eyes be close. When yo get dat dot goin, slowly try to enlarge dat mah-fah till all is pitch black. Yo wit me maaan?

I’m following Java’s instructions with my eyes closed, but haven’t yet started with all the other stuff, as I need his voice out of the way for that. The chanting is going on, but isn’t disturbing, so I tell him to go on with the rest.

Right on bro! Nex what yo try to do is to ‘see’ yo body in dat darkness yo got goin in yo head an when dis be happenin, yo mus get yoself to ‘see’ dis odder form rise slowly out of dat body an den yo see dey be connected wit a silverish cord type number. Dis be da ‘connecshun’ between dat physical an dat sprituchual being, dig? Now dat be da fust step an when yo practice dat fo some time I be tellin yo how to get to where yo be tryin to travel to – on dat astral plane. Now yo start to practice an tell me later how it be goin fo yo ass – is dat cool wit yo maan?

I see no harm in giving it a go – sounds like a bit of a trip, but nothing lost, is how I looked at it. And so I did.

Much later – I was back from that ‘meditation’, feeling just so refreshed and relaxed. I probably fell asleep listening to the chant and remember getting to the head part of the ‘body relaxation’ thing, but couldn’t manage to remember anything more. The music is over, the candles are out, the fragrance of the insense lingers, Buzzy and Rock are by my side and Java is crashed out on the divan.

And I can’t help but wonder if his ‘spiritual’ form is tripping out somewhere out there in the cosmic unknown while his ‘material’ bod is here.