Those of us who check kottu out on a regular basis would no doubt have also been swamped by the ‘spam ‘n jam’ from the promoters of that Daytripping effort put on last week at their favourite venue. Java was among the audience – for a couple of reasons, he said.

Shuurre maaan, I be goin to see dose young folk do dere thang an besides dat sheeet, I be tinking dat Daytripper chick be havin som real talent in dat ol head of hers. An waaaz more, she be one of da few theatre folk aroun dat put her money where her mout be and be doin som regular ass producshuns an not jus be bullshittin aroun like som odder folk we know – all da worse fo us, caus dey be a talented bunch. So I get ma ass down dere wit Da Dancer and dat Sibling, who be seein a whole lotta opera, theatre and shheeet like dat where she be comin from an wanted to see what dis place have to offer. An so we sat our asses down an waited. Eight o’clock came an went, so we be checkin out dat audience – mosly teenybopper types, wit a smatterin of older folk. So we sat an I be wonderin how many of dese cats an chicks be blogging on kottu. I know fo shuurree dat at least William, Emily and Jim be bloggers an maybe dose odder tree as well, but in dat audience…? Den dat riiiinnnngggg to signify ‘curtain’ – only dere weren’t any – just dat bare-ass stage wit dose six red chairs jus waitin to be ass-warmed. An soon dey were. But before all dat sheet dat audience be subject to som unadulterated toro-pupu (se habla Espanol?) in da form of some borin-ass commercials dat com on to dis captive bunch sittin dere waitin for somting else! Aaannyyway… in da turd world, I be tinkin!

I be guessin yo folk dat read dis sheet on kottu an be into dese players an da Daytripper would shurrely have seen dat review by dat Groundviews dude – right? Weeelll, yo know how dat dude be havin da gift of da gab and a pretty good pen to boot, huh? An he did his thang wit dat review givin us readers da benefit of his wisdom, dissectin an interpretin and showerin a bit of praise here, an a touch of ‘could be better’ dere. An all bein said an done we be guessin he like it – in his own write he be callin it a “transcendent dramatic exploration of some of the most pressing issues online and in the real world today” – how bout dat sheeet???!!!

An so we got into dat play maaan and foun ourselves enjoyin it. Shhuurre, dere be weak spots an som overplayin here an dere, but on da whole – entertainin – wit a bit of a ‘message’ trown in for good meashure (dat suicide be fo losers an dat som folk get a kick outta sheet). Da Dancer and Da Siblin liked it too, so it be an evenin well spent an judging from dat mosly young audience – dey had demselves a good ol time too. For shuurree dem players had demselves a ball – an good fo dere young asses. So we be hopin dat da Daytripper keep on keeping on wit dese stagey thangs an we can spend more evenings in a better time an space.

Java was right – about The Dancer and The Sibling liking the production. I don’t know how right-on he was about the play itself, but judging from a few folk I spoke with about it, looks like it garnered far more positive responses than the other way around. And so the next time Daytripper trips out with another one of her efforts, I will be sure to join Java and whoever else we can gather to go on and check it out