Achcharu is a site to behold – not as a visual feast or anything that mundane, but as an aggregator that has more to offer than the few others that I, admittedly a neophyte at this sort of thing, have come across. Unlike those just referred to, Ach has a few more things going for it. For one, the tag-thing is a feature that adds a whole lot to the experience of sussing out a site. These ‘indicators’ can prove to be pertinent, funny, appropriately insulting, inappropriately off the wall – reflecting the banality of the tagger, personal, cliché-ridden, totally irrelevant and much more. And I find myself being far more attracted to it than I am to kottu, for instance – simply because of the diversity it offers.

The tag-thing has more to it than just being an ‘indicator’, though. Folk that are anonymous taggers are able to compose their tags but have to be subject to moderation, which means, I suppose, that their efforts will not see the light of day unless it is determined to be of some value and not some garbage to be dumped. Apparently ‘Access Key Holders’ are allowed to zip their tags through so that they will be immediately visible and this obviously means that the reason for their selection is probably because they are deemed to be reasonably ‘sane’ as far as their tags are concerned. I may be completely wrong about this, but then I’m sure to be corrected if I am!

Then there is the voting on tags, which is a newer feature (I think) that enables the Access Key Holders to vote either positively or negatively on tags, which in turn, piles on the ‘positive’ and ‘negative’ scores that may enable Key Holders to graduate to Moderators. Of course it would be up to the ‘graduates’ to decide if they wanted to be Moderators in the first place, but then it would  appear to be most likely that taggers spending time tagging would not find it too much trouble to moderate.

Among the other features on Ach is the Achcharu Grapevine, another that I find to be useful and informative and an additional convenience that the other aggregator sites I have visited do not have – and another reason for the preference for the site to the others. And there’s more – like Black List, Selector, CloudConfig, History and others, but I haven’t really got into them much, so ignorance is bliss.

The one thing that I have observed about the tags is that some bloggers attract a whole slew of derogatory tags, most of which are insulting and irrelevant. To be insulting would be cool if the blogger deserved it and if the tag were to be relevant, but being insulting just for the sake of being obnoxious or due to some personal hangup is, to me, not really the intention of the exercise. I see that RD has been attracting some stupid remarks and can’t help but wonder why. Some of the ladies out there have also been preyed on by mealy-mouthed creeps, who, if they had something smart or relevant to say, would not need to descend to the cesspits to spew their shit around. But then that’s my view – most likely a result of my conditioning and I guess the folk I am referring to must be of a totally different mindset. Different strokes!

So let’s see how this goes. Maybe the voting business on Ach will account for the creeps, or maybe the creeps will survive and guys with views like mine will be selected out. Whatever happens, Ach is providing a forum for diversity in the blogosphere and that is a good thing – however it is looked at – by whoever it is that is doing the looking.