Java was buzzing! I heard the front door click shut and looked at the time. 5.45 am – the light was just breaking through and I could hear the Red-Vented Bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer cafer) on the Oleander tree (Nerium sp.) outside, start its early morning repetitive call. Dead on time – my reliable alarm. I got out of bed to get my coffee going and there he was, spacing out on the couch in the study.

Heey maaan, it’s Sunday mornin, how com yo be up so early? Coffee time, huh? Fix me one while yo at it, okay?

I told him I was up because of the racket he made getting in – that and the Bulbul.

Shheeet maan – sorry bout dat. Did’n mean to wake yo ass up.

So I ask him about the night before.

Saay whaat maan? Las night? Sheeet!! Ol Nahorp pick my ass up and we head on down to Mr. Zippy’s fo a nice quiet evenin – like I told yo. Dey start havin da usual – Famous Grouse for Mr. Z, ol Nahorp hav his Absolut Citron an tonic an I wit my brew. Dat match be goin on upstairs, but it look like England be on dere way to getting dere asses kicked, so we start to rap and get our heads into higher spaces. Den, jus as we be settlin down, laffin and jokin wit each odder, dat door bell ring so Mr. Z reach out fo dat remote an get dat garage door to roll on up to reveal Crazy Kris da poet an anodder dude we don recognize – Baalu – short fo somting. So dey com in an settle in wit us. Baalu be visitin from Oz and comin to da end of his visit. He start tellin us bout his trip up nort to visit his ancestral home and how he be stunned to see all dat devastashun jus bout everwhere. An so dat conversashun get to da state of tings prevailin – shock an horror for da mos part, wit human rites abuse, corrupshun, all dat bread bein made by dat trio an how da country be slidin down da tube. Deepressin sheeet!

Jus bout den I get a call. Cinimod – trapped at som photographic dinner thang an tryin to get his ass outta dere. An he be promising to join up – an he did – som time later. In da meantime, dose two elefunt-dung paper dudes show up an Mr. Z let dere asses in and dat conversashun veer off again to all sorts of odder shheet. Mr. Z’s got Pink Floyd doin ‘Comfortably Numb’ – kinda suitin dat vibe!

Jus bout den all hell break loose wit Jace, Mr. Z’s very cool lab startin to get all excited, barkin an runnin aroun and shheet and lookin towards dat swamp dat be borderin Mr. Z’s garden. So we all look out dere to see dis straaange light in dat sky – it be getting bigger an brighter reeal fast, until we see a sorta-shape, like som kinda alien trip – a flyin saucer or somting like dat. It be soo fuckin bright, we don see it so clear – bright white light wit all sorts of flickerin colours pulsatin inside it. No sound at all – jus dat bright light getting brighter an brighter – until it envelop us.

Nex ting I know is I wake up at Zorba’s pad. Da fust ting I see is Ramundo – da man wit da plan – sprawled out an fast asleep on dat coffee table nex to da sofa dat I be on. Da time be 5 am. Nex to Ramundo I see Mahmud crashed out on da carpet – an in da corner be one of dose elefunt-dung dudes wit Rani, still sippin dere arrack an mix. Don know how I get dere or when – or what happen in between, or to dat spacecraft or whatever, or to Nahorp or Mr. Z!

Heeey maan, jus give dose cats a buzz an see if everting be cool…

And with that he drifted off to sleep.