It was pretty irritating to begin with. I mean that generally when a provider of a service or utility does not provide what is due, one tends to get pissed off. This is true of a phone service and utilities in general. And then when one makes an enquiry about the problem, not getting even an acknowledgement of the complaint, let alone an attempt to rectify it, gets to be not only more irritating, but also frustrating and the tendency is to bad-mouth all concerned with the shoddy service. At least that’s how it works for me.

Anyway, to get to the point of this post – I did the usual routine number with a post on ‘Is it to do with ego?’ and several hours later when I checked kottu for the entry, none was to be found, although it appeared on ‘Ephemeral’. So I thought there may be some delay and checked again the next day. Still missing! I then dropped Indi a mail about it, as he is the only one I am aware of who is involved with administering kottu (I may be wrong about this) but there was no response. Thinking that another try to get the post on kottu was in order, I did it again, but although the post appeared for a second time on ‘Ephemeral’, nary a trace on kottu! I then contacted a mutual friend, told him of my dilemma and asked if he would mention it to Indi if he saw him – in case my mail went astray. He said he would and then a few hours later the entry materialized on kottu. Great! So I immediately e-mailed Indi to tell him ‘problem solved’ and thanks if he had made it happen.

The next day I bunged in another post on ‘Nutmeg – of all things!’ – same problem. I did it again – both entries got into ‘Ephemeral’, but were ‘no shows’ on kottu. In the meantime, taking a tip from a buddy, I checked the feed validator who promptly informed me that “this is a valid RSS feed”, which, I am told means that there was nothing wrong with the feed, implying that the fault or glitch resided within kottu. The next day, after looking for the posts on kottu and finding none, I e-mailed Indi again. This time there was a response which said: “I dunno, I think it’s the feed. You can try a manual update via the link on the bottom right – I”. So I replied to say that I had checked the feed validator and all was well there and if it was something else and he could check, please to let me know.

And that was it!

So here I am, in a limbo of sorts. Not exactly lost in cyber-space, as WordPress and ‘Ephemeral’ are ensuring that I am able to put those ruminations out there, but kottu still remains out of reach.

This made me wonder if this is a one off, or if others have also been subject to the inconvenience. In any event, it’s time that the problem, whatever it is, gets solved.