I have to follow up yesterday’s post on ‘The mystery of the missing posts’ with a bit of information I got in response to it.

A buddy, and fellow-blogger, who also had some problems similar to the one I described, sent me a mail, part of which read as follows: “…not sure about the reasons but you may want to try that “manual update” thing on Kottu. I  just did, for your blog, and it went off and found 3 posts which are now listed and weren’t before.
I have noticed this on mine before too, that posts haven’t showed up but do once I have manually updated.”

So I checked kottu again – and sure enough, there they were! Is that weird? Or maybe there’s more to it that I don’t fully comprehend, being virtually illiterate when it comes to tech shit. But what ever it is, maybe it will help the administrator(s) to iron out whatever it is that is inhibiting posts getting directly to their intended destination.

The responses to ‘Mystery’ indicate that I am not the only one whose posts have been diverted to some place other than where they were directed, so clearly there is some problem here that needs attention if kottu is to clean up its act and get things working like they are meant to. And hopefully it will.