Politicians are a lot like diapers – they should be changed frequently and for the same reason”.

This quote from Robin Williams in his role as Tom Dobbs, President Elect, in the movie Man of the Year, is oh so appropriate on so many levels. The film itself is a whimsical look at what could well be a possibility – a computer system glitch that could have the most incredible results. The ‘hanging chad’ that resulted in Bush Jr being ‘elected’ President of the USA could well have been the blip that changed the course of history, so the premise of the movie is not all that far-fetched as one may imagine.

Robin Williams, a multi-faceted actor and performer, plays Robin Williams playing Dobbs, but is nevertheless outstanding in his role of a comedian, who runs for Prez. The story behind it will have to be seen, but suffice it to say that home-truths abound in the script and Barry Levinson’s writing and direction brings it out there – right in your face.

So the analogy of politicians being like diapers is brilliant and so true – just take a look around.