There’s this Lair I visit on occasion to savour the tasty tit-bits therein, where I chanced upon a quiz that determines your morality-quotient. So I tried it to check out where I stood in terms of the values determined by the creators. The questions were pretty far out.

Do you think, for instance, that if someone were to buy a frozen chicken, take it home and in the privacy of his inner sanctum, have sexual intercourse with the bird (after it thawed out of course) and then cook and eat it, that this would be an ‘immoral’ act? There’s more that will surely test the bounds of your permissiveness.

Obviously the results of the quiz are based on one’s values, which of course are based on the conditioning of the one answering the questions. The ‘objectivity’ factor will come into play for those that are able to get beyond religious and cultural conditioning and who will not be inhibited by ‘legal’ constraints. Incest is also brought into mix and is an interesting aspect of the exercise.

So go ahead and take the plunge, figure out where you’re at in comparison to all the others out there. Check out and give it a go.

Want to know what I scored? It’s pretty extreme – maybe I’ll tell you about it tomorrow?

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