It wasn’t really the best of times, nor was it the worst – I guess it was somewhere in between the layers of dissolution within the thought process that it dawned on Java. I couldn’t really respond accurately – for all the obvious reasons.

Heeey maaan, know what I be flashin on? How com yo don have me around all da time? Seem like yo jus call me up when yo feel like som company and den I sorta fade out when yo be wantin to play it straight like. Waaz up man, yo be embarrassed or sumpin?

What could I say? This whole thing is entirely beyond my control and most times it seems to me like Java forces himself out of my consciousness (or into it – I’m not sure which way it really works) and not the way he felt about the reasons for his manifestation. I can’t very well tell him he is a figment of my imagination, as he’s quite likely to tell me that it’s the other way around – that I am a figment of his imagination. And who knows, he may well be right!

Which got me to thinking – if I was the ‘figment’, then was I living in some kind of a parallel reality or universe? And was the duality part of it caused by the time warp that made the universes overlap in time and space? So would that make the both of us ‘figments’ of each other’s realities? Or was it some ‘Donnie Darko’ kind of trip that I was on?

Know what maan? I jus be tinkin dat I be da part of yo dat get into all dat sheet yo don wanna get into, so yo be usin my ass to get off on dem experiences. All dat astral travellin, dose trips into Wonderland an all dat odder sheet I be doin, be stuff dat yo be gettin into if not fo all dat condishunin dat make yo what yo be. Make sense to yo?

Shit! I don’t know. Maybe it’s possible. Anything could be possible – given that ‘reality’ is entirely dependent on the individual consciousness. Being at the center of the universe has been postulated by the philosophers and the concept could be easily grasped if one were to realise that the ‘maya’ that the Buddha described is the illusion around us and which is created at the dawning of that individual consciousness – and will end when that consciousness ceases to exist or when it evolves into another state of being – another ‘reality’ – whatever it is. So then does it follow that it is the mind that makes up the matter to perceive it in the manner we do, or is it the matter that fashions the mind as part of the matter?

Lissen up maan – check dis out.

Java’s reaching for some super-grade shit he picked up on his most recent foray to see Wanda the midget in that Netherland. He’s got the sound turned up on Floyd’s ‘Saucer Full of Secrets’ and as the music swells that sweet aroma wafts around the room and somehow the reality is crystal clear, with no contaminating thoughts to dull the moment.