Java wasn’t all that thrilled about the fireworks display during the match as the ladies he was with just before the event on the rooftop patio weren’t able to make it, being stuck at the CH or some such venue where the gang they were with were too petrified to go anywhere. So there he was with the rest of us on the rooftop – big screen and all, watching the tracers streak across the night sky and listening to the muffled sounds of anti-aircraft fire popping away in sporadic bursts. Just about then his phone rang and it turned out that The Cherry Lady had just driven up and was downstairs, wanting Java to join her try to locate a friend of hers who was apparently at one of the hotels in the city. And in spite of the advice from nearly everyone there about the craziness of venturing out at that time, he felt he couldn’t let Cher down, as she was pretty anxious about her friend and needed to locate her.

So dere we be maan, Cher be drivin like a bat outta hell on dat virtchually deserted ass road, wit de occashunal vehical speedin in da opposite direcshun. An we finally make it do dat hotel by da green. Dose fiery arcs be still flashin tru da sky makin reflecshuns on de ocean and all sorts of odder firin be clearly soundin in da odderwise silent night.

When we finally make it tru dem hotel doors – all sorts of obstrucshuns between da parkin lot an gettin in dat place, as dose doors be close an firin on da ground posin danger of getting shot an all. Inside be chaos wit guests all over da place, som cryin and odders lookin very freak like. Aannywaaay, we finally locate Cher’s fren – cool as sheet, at dat bar wit a margarita in her finely manicured fist. Dis be a fine lookin chick maaan, black an sleek wit dat nigga-nachural an all, her sleeveless top expose her shoulders an right dere on her upper arm be a tattoo of two bods entwine-like, an jus below dat grafik be da words ‘scissor-sister’ in reeal small print. Her name be Chloe an she flash us her sparklin smile as she see us com tru dat door. She get Cher a margarita and get a brew fo me an we sit dere in da semi-darkness wit all dat sheet going on aroun us – be like a Fellini movie maaan – surrreeeaal ain’t even com close to describin dat scene.

Aaannywaay, we finish up at dat bar an den Chloe suggest to Cher dat she spen da rest of da night wit her – now da time be getting close to four an I be tellin dem dat I gotta get ma ass back to dat rooftop now dat ma good deed be don an all, so I leave Cher wit da scissor-sister an run dat gauntlet back to yo folk.

Java didn’t say much more about that meeting, although he did mention Chloe quite a few times, being obviously attracted to her. The ‘scissor-sister’ thing though, he didn’t elaborate on very much. So when I pushed him for more information on the term all he said was that he knew Cher had no inhibitions and that the term originated from ‘tribadism’ and that the term was graphic enough in its semantic description to figure it out!

It was a new one for me, but trust Java to get turned on to what’s happening – and usually in the most unlikely circumstances to boot.