You probably know how it is when you feel obliged to keep the drift flowing in spite of having little or nothing of worth to put down. Or do you? There’s a couple of folk I know that are never ever at a loss for words, always having something to say – and not just any old banality or cliché-ridden crappola, but real solid-ass information or some thought provoking stuff that engenders stimulating side-effects and creates the milieu for a magic-carpet ride of sorts. Then there’s also the goss part of it that is of high entertainment value providing it doesn’t degenerate into personal or puerile pap – which it hardly ever does!

Mr. Sands, manic at the best of times, is one such and this is always evident to those that have had the fortune to meet with the man. Never at a loss for words or ideas that are usually too far off the beaten track for most folks to even contemplate, Sandy (to his mates) can hold forth for hours on end regaling his listeners with his anecdotes and bewildering them with his conceptual brilliance. A specialist in cultural heritages and with the ability to apply, for instance, Ananda Coomaraswamy’s observations on Indo-Sri Lankan art to more abstract philosophical concepts dealing with counter-cultural trends, the ideas he gives birth to are not only stimulating but also laced with the sort of humour that is both trippy as well as deep.

Choker the Rat is another one of this type that could, off the top of his head, come up with all sorts of intricate relationships stemming from just one name that may have been mentioned in the course of conversation. And the stream of intricate information would just keep on flowing down all sorts of tributaries that manifest in the course of the narrative. Needless to say, it is always interesting, hilarious (more frequently than not) and verges on the scandalous in most instances. But that’s not all there is to Choker. There’s a whole lot more, but the problem is in finding a way to describe it without letting a whole host of cats out of a bulging bag. Perhaps later!

Snake-a-nake, ever since I knew him as a pre-teen eons ago at that school by the sea, was always into natural history – as kids, smuggling tree-snakes into theatres and creating scenes with hysterical ladies losing it and getting us thrown out on more than one occasion – and there were more outrageous incidents as well. Now, armed with a doctorate from a prestigious institution in the Sates, Snakey can spew facts and figures on environmental degradation anywhere on the planet and come up with original proposals on how to implement solutions to a lot of the shite that is going down. His knowledge on nearly every aspect of the natural world is mind-boggling and although many of his solutions are met with some degree of scepticism, there is never any doubt about his brilliance. He is a developer’s and industrialist’s nightmare if they do not apply his sustainable-development solutions to their projects and at times gets into positions of serious danger due to the vehemence that accompanies his opposition to the destruction he believes will result from whatever it is he is opposing.

There’s a few others that come to mind as well, but I guess the gist of this post was to contemplate the almost inexhaustible repository of information or interesting stuff that are in the minds of some individuals who, had they been bloggers, would have absolutely no problem whatever in churning out stuff that would be attractive to many readers – quite unlike Java and meself, who most times, have to struggle to put anything down that, more often than not, is pretty ordinary – so much so that we frequently wonder why we even bother. But then we’ve gone down that path before, so will just let it be for now.

Oh, and by the way, there is something very common to all those mentioned in this one and that is the magic-carpet ride number – if you can figure that one out.