Jeeezzzuuuss Chhrriisstuuus maaan, it’s dem Redemshun Freaks at da door – again – an I be tellin dose two dudes an dat chick not to bodder wit us folk caus we be beyond any of dat redemshun sheet.

That was Java a day or two ago, who was on this trip again about some Mormons of all things that, straight from Salt Lake City or some such city in the mid-west, had ended up here on their mission of selling Redemption to the losers. And their definition of ‘losers’ was pretty much everyone that didn’t believe what they did about their Saviour and Redeemer – yup that very same JC – the story, subtlely twisted according to the teachings of Joe Smith in the old days, and now preserved by Gordon B. Hinckley, the current head honcho.

So, when dey be showin up again da nex day, I invited dere asses in, sat dem down and played dem som Bob Marley – ‘Exodus’ and som of dem odder tunes he do an tell dem bout Jah. I also fix dem som tea and brought out som of dose speshul brownies made from Tra La La’s unique an poten cannabinol resin mix. But I be warnin dem bout dis sacrament an how it sometime bring forth vishuns an sheet. Aaannyways, dey each try som an be likin dat flavor an after som time of rappin bout religion an dem turning me on to dere trip, dey get all silent like an be getting into ma maan Marley. Dat album done, I change over to som Floyd ‘Set da controls for da heart of da sun’, ‘Astronomy Domine’, ‘Let dere be more light’ and sheet like dat an dey be trippin, all spaced out an not sayin much. So we jus lounge aroun, getting into dat music.

Much later that evening, according to Java, the trio of Mormons managed to disentangle their thoughts from Java’s rap about Jah and other metaphysical concepts, as well as from the effects of the Floyd selection of spacey music. One of them said that he experienced ‘redemption’ and had seen his life play back in the vision he had during the Floyd section. They asked for more tea and also asked Java if they could visit again – to actually re-assess their views of the Mormon trip and get more into what Java was on about, which Java had no problem with, as they had turned out to be pretty decent folk in the end.

And so another relationship was initiated, although Gordon B. Hinckley, all the way back in Salt Lake City, may not be too pleased about the outcome of his Redeemers’ efforts.