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This one is kinda related to what I posted yesterday and what appears to be a sudden increase of new bloggers on kottu (maybe I’m imagining – Indi could no doubt confirm). This must surely be a ‘good’ thing – for a variety of reasons. The range or diversity of the subject matter and content of kottu  bloggers is also interesting – to Sri Lankans in particular, in terms of the dichotomy stemming from views on the current political scene, as well as of other aspects of life in our rapidly changing cultural and social scenario.

I guess all of us readers of these blogs have our favourites or bloggers that we find interesting to read – no matter what it is they write about. Something either to do with style, content or attitude is what draws me to these folk and there must be around fifteen or thereabouts of these bloggers that I don’t hesitate to click on. The others that may induce a click would have to get me with the first couple of lines. Experience has now taught me to ignore several blogs that have consistently failed to turn me on – sometimes in spite of an intriguing title. Not quite judging the book by the cover, albeit rather close to that notion.

I read one where the Blogger was obviously over the moon about the traffic he attracted, quoting phenomenal figures to boot, but try as I might I could not for the life of me figure out what the attraction was due to. And then it struck me – that my view of what is interesting or stimulating really doesn’t mean shit. There’s zillions out there – each with their individual levels of comprehension, intellect, appreciation, taste, morality and other value systems, that are turned on to stuff that to me is banal, mundane and trite, or pretentious, overbearing, aggressive and unattractive.

But that’s how it goes – as Java puts it “differen strokes for differen folks, maaan” and now I’m positive that I’m in that miniscule minority and that’s perfectly fine with me.

And so it goes…

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