Spacing out at Flowerbook in between writing up a report and other miscellaneous chores, I was reminded of ‘string theory’ when I saw Sally, the new puppy unraveling a ball of twine. Now I’m not all that into theoretical physics although I do get turned on by the mysteries of what is loosely described as the ‘universe’. Anyway, little Sally was unintentionally getting my mind tripping on the two basic types of string theories – those with closed string loops that are not able to break into open strings and those with closed string loops that are. And it also reminded me of what I had read somewhere that we still do not know what the fundamental theory behind string theory is, but postulations include a variety of dimensions in spacetime that are not fixed concepts but fluid entities that shift with our points of view.

Funny how the mind zips around at the speed of thought – faster than the speed of light, it seems to me, but then, all things being relative, who’s to say? And that thing about ‘points of view’ – fluid entities that shift at varying rates allowing no static state – everything in flux, nothing stays the same.

Let’s hope that we are able to ‘see’ this phenomenon for what it is and then apply it to the way we see what is around and within us and maybe – just ‘maybe’ – it will help with the perspective to cut through the crap and get a clearer view.

I guess this is what the Buddha was on about?