It’s been pretty hectic for Java and yours truly over the past week with all manner of crazy stuff going down – not just in the political miasma and social networks, but also within the personal sphere. To begin with, these two Chilean chicks turned up. They had been in communication with The Dancer about having an extended year-long course in traditional Sri Lankan dance forms, being students of another one of The Dancer’s Chilean students from ages ago. The communication by e-mail over the past many months didn’t quite prepare The Dancer with what to expect, as everything in the mails was reasonably clear and concise – obviously composed by someone else, as when they landed it was obvious that they could hardly communicate in English at all – and that was a problem in more ways than one. And not just for The Dancer and for them, but …well, some stuff is probably best left unsaid.

Then there was the matter of our good mate going off the deep end with his penchant for overdoing good times. Mr. Zippy and I had a whale of a time that night, not long ago, with the usual suspects at the hangout in the burbs – the food was delish, the wine flowed and the women were anything but subtle. Grinch was in his usual burly-boastful-buggerall mode trying to score ecstatic mints from whoever struck his fancy as having some and the Ugly Sister couldn’t figure out what exactly she wanted, although her fixation with her phobia kept her at arms length – thanks be for small mercies! Aaannyywaay, the Belle of the Ball made his appearance all decked out in his finery, smashed to the gills and mouthing sweet suckotash all about the sensual forays of his youth. As the party progressed and the level of high spirits increased it seemed likely that our mate was going beyond the bounds of tolerable behaviour, so Mr Z solicitously attempted to relieve the tension by suggesting a graceful exit before things hotted up. Unfortunately or not, this did not work and so we ended up staying – and then the shit hit the fan. Again, some things are better left unsaid!

And then there was the matter of ‘work’ – in office, as opposed to being out of Colombo. With some overseas travel looming and meeting with fellow co-workers from around twelve South-Asian countries – first in Bangkok and soon after, in China – there’s a whole lot of shite to prepare for the extensive discussions that will ensue about the work we are involved in, as well as dissecting initiatives that have been implemented with the intention of providing solace to the less fortunate. And this wouldn’t be so bad if I had all the information required, but when the required information has to be extracted from a number of sources, not all of them exactly on that proverbial ball, things tend to get fucked-up – for me, at any rate.

And so I am trying my best to cope – with the domestic, social and work scenes not being exactly where I would like them to be – and as a result, getting Java to contribute to the creative aspect hasn’t been all that successful. I guess the cycle will run its course, as cycles generally do – and then we can look forward to getting back into the realm of cyberspace and exchanging thoughts with likeminded folk. Until then, however….some things are best left unsaid.